Morten Friis

Full name: Morten Friis

Date of birth: 21st of August 1968

Birth place: Copenhagen

Star sign: Leo

Occupation: Musician - composer -homespun philosopher

Married: No, girlfriend

Children: 2 girls and one boy

Siblings: 1

Height: 1.77 meters

Eye colour: Green

Funny habits: I use my tongue as a piece of gum

Favourite food: French Bistro

Favourite drink: Mojito

Favourite animal: Monkey

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite fruit: Pineapple

Favourite flower: Roses

Favourite sport: Football

Favourite holiday spot: Spain

Role models: Esa Pekka Salonen (Classical conductor)

Coolest celebrities I have ever met: Bent Fabricius-Bjerre

Favourite movie: Slumdog Millionaire

Favourite actor/actress: Liam Neeson

Favourite TV-show: It used to be Frasier

Favourite music: Pop and classical

Favourite book:
"Maestro Myths" by Norman Lebrecht

Worst habit: Too much Youtube

Describe Safri Duo in 3 words: Original – strong - powerful

Describe Uffe Savery in 3 words: optimistic – stubborn - humouristic

Uffe´s qualities: He is a good listener, very social and constructive

Uffe´s bad habits: He often comes late for sessions, but so do I J

Favourite Safri song:

Best experience on tour: Meeting the audience

Worst experience on tour
: None, all bad things turn out to be a part of your education

I hate:
Being uninspired

I love: My life!

I would never: Move to the country, I am a big city guy!

Greatest wish:
To maintain my engagement in music

What would you have become if you hadn't chosen music:
A chef

Hobby: Cooking

How do I relax: Cooking

Which instruments do I play
: Al kinds of percussion (obviously), piano

Instrument I wish, I could play: The guitar

Artists I would like to perform/record with: Coldplay or Foo Fighter

3 things I would bring to a desert island: Water, food and a piano

Uffe Savery

Full name: Uffe Savery (Formerly Uffe Savery Als-Nielsen. Changed my name to Uffe Savery, when I became a musician)

Nick name: Uffen

Date of birth: 5th of April 1966

Birth place: Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Star sign: Aries

Occupation: Music, music and more music!

Marrital status: Since June 1989, married to violinist Tanja Savery. Divorced in 2017. Currently in a relationship with Agnete.

Children: 2: Emil (1992), Julie (1998)

Siblings: Maria (1968) - a fantastic sister!!

Height: 1.83 meters

Weight: 74 kilos/ aprox 163 pounds

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Blond

Characteristics: Always collecting life stories

Favourite food:
The local food

Favourite drink: Mojito

Favourite animal: Springer Spaniel (It's a dog)

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite fruit: Mango

Favourite flower
: Roses

Favourite sport: Tennis

Favourite holiday spot: Port de Soller

Role models: Aristotle, Kant, Einstein, Storm P., Gustavo Dudamel, Sting

Coolest celebrities I have ever met: Simon Rattle

Favourite movie: “One flew over the Cuckoo´s Nest”
Favourite actor/actress: Anthony Hopkins

Favourite TV-show: I do not not watch tv....well, Dave Allen

Favourite music: Classical, jazz, electronica, soul.

Favourite book: “A Short History about nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson

Worst habit: Being late

Describe Safri Duo in 3 words: Life–affirming, energy, virtuosity, groove (hey wait, that´s four words!)

Describe Morten Friis in 3 words:
Huge talent, dedicated, capriciousness.

Morten´s qualities: Dedication, for wanting to accomplish the very best

Morten´s bad habits:
Postponing decisions until it´s actually too late and smacking when eating J

Favourite Safri song: "Twilight" and “Samb-Adagio”

Best experience on tour: Colombia, Medellin

Worst experience on tour: Costa Rica, bad electricity which gave tons of problems during the concert. Had to start all over at some point.

I hate: Intolerance

I love: Inclusiveness

I would never:
Base jump!

Greatest wish: Life insight

What would you have become if you hadn't chosen music: Working with science

Hobby: Tennis and fishing - and Winter swimming.

How do I relax:
Fishing, meditation (The 5 Tibetans Exercises)

Funniest experience with fans: Fans faking being fans (Ushi show in Holland). When Nickie and Bente came to Hamburg. (Aaawwww, ed.)

Which instruments do I play:
Quite a few in the percussion department!!; I pretty much rule the bongo - everything ,which can be played with drum sticks (and that's pretty much percussion from all over the world), marimba/vibraphone, classical percussion - and I also jazz pretty wicked on the piano!!

Instrument I wish, I could play:
The Chello and singing

Artists I would like to perform/record with:

3 things I would bring to a desert island:
My wife and my two children, but that´s not defined as things, then:
“A short History about nearly Everything”
Music: Sergiu Celibidache conducting Mûnchen Phil. with Tchaikowsky “Romeo and Juliet”
A fishing rod.

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