Name:  Andy Roda          

Date of birth: 11th of March                                       

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, producer, graphic,-and visual artist

Star sign: Pisces

Married: In a relationship

Height: 1.75 (Well, not quite, but that´s what I´m sticking to! 😀)

Eye colour: Dark brown

Hair colour: Black

Characteristics: Tattoos: a symbol of brotherhood dedicated to one of my best friends

Hobbies: Besides music: Nerding around with graphic/photo-editing, video-editing and web design.

When did I first know, that I wanted to work with music? I knew already as a kid, but made up my mind a 100%, when I was about 11 years.

Musicians, I have worked with: Ashford & Simpson (legendary Motown song writers) Gary Haase (producer Celine Dion, Chaka Khan), Rob Fusari (song writer Lady Gaga), Safri Duo (tour), Thomas Helmig (tour), Antonelli Orchestra, a countless number of Danish artists: Sanne, Burhan, Mads Langer, Aura, Lis Sørensen, Providers (Medina) to name but a few.

Coolest celebrities I have ever met: My mentors, whom I have “grown up with”, and sung with every week in New York: Ashford & Simpson. Their wisdom, humility, talent and willingness to share their light, make them master-class musicians and superstars. Their songs are the soundtrack of life in most parts of the world. (Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, I’m Every Woman, Motown, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan etc.)

Favorite music:
Soul, Gospel, House, Chill-out/Smooth jazz, classical

Favorite food: Filipino and Asian food

Favorite drink: Lychee Martini and Sugartini (only available at Sugarbar in NYC!)

Favorite sport: Yoga (for the mind and body control and the spiritual breather)

Favorite holiday location: The Philippines and USA

Role models: My parents, who moved from The Philippines to Denmark to secure a better future for my sister and I.
-And people with a passion that they openly dare to carry out and make possible.

Favorite movie: Too many to mention! But my taste in movies varies from sci-fi psychological movies like ”Minority Report”, to a mindful and sensitive Danish drama.

Favorite actor/actress: Edward Norton is so very talented!!

Favorite tv-show: OWN (Oprah) Soul Series/Masterclass Series, some parts of the Discovery/History channel series.  

Favorite book: All books by Abraham Hicks, Jane Roberts ”Seth”, HayHouse Publications (positive and thoughtful books to improve your thought pattern and thereby your life)

Bad habits: My iPhone and Mac

Describe yourself in 3 words: Creative, passionate and a “student of life”

Best experience on tour: There have been so many great experiences on tour. But my greatest goal is to be in a completely devoted state with the music and to let the music speak to the people without performing, but simply communicating and thereby being in the present with the audience.
When people sing along and participate is something I really enjoy!

Weirdest/funniest experience on tour: Safri and I performed in Szczecin, Poland, and we were told, that about a 100.000 people would attend. We didn´t believe it, but during the concert there actually turned out to be approx. 100.000 – 150.000 people. It was unreal! But real! LOL!

I love: LIFE, family and friends. The gift to express myself and my ability to speak to the hearts and dreams of people.

I hate: The feeling of not being in sync with myself and life. It doesn’t happen that often (any more), but everyday it’s a challenge to choose how to view things in my life.

I would never: Trade my life for anything

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