In 2002 Uffe and Morten filled out a factfile: This is what they answered back then:

Morten Friis

Full name: Morten Friis

Date of birth: 21st of August 1968

Birth place: Copenhagen

Star sign: Leo

Occupation: Musician - composer -homespun philosopher

Married: Yes

Children: 2 girls

Siblings: 1

Height: 1.77 meters

Weight: 65 kg

Eye colour: Green

Funny habits: When focused he chews his tongue

Favourite food: That varies periodically. Right now it's seasons greens and lamb (does that sound boring?)

Favourite drink: Green tea (it's party time!) and Italian red wine

Favourite animal: Has to be the family dog - Frida

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite fruit: Pineapple

Favourite flower: Peony

Favourite sport: I swim a lot to keep in shape, so swimming!

Favourite holiday spot: Portugal

Role models: Within the world of music there are quite a few. Especially the classical composers, like Beethoven and Pucinni, to name 2 very different from each other. Both of them have the drama in common, though, which I really like. J.S Bach has also been extremely important for my perception of MUSIC.

Coolest celebrities I have ever met: By now, we have met quite a few, due to all the shows we have done all over the world. And most of our "encounters" have actually been surprisingly boring! (I wonder what people say about me?) It's seldom the celebrities who are the most fascinating. But there is one person, whom I hold in the greatest respect - mostly known on the classical scene: Per Noergaard. He is a man, who knows what he wants, both on a human and a musical level

Favourite movie: Life is Beautiful (Bellinni)

Favourite actor/actress: Tommy Lee Jones – he rocks!!

Favourite TV-show: I don't watch any

Favourite music: Earth, Wind and Fire – yeah! And some sweaty rock guitar -yeah!

Favourite book:
"Sophie's World". A novel about the history of Philosophy

Worst habit: I just got rid of them all!! New ones will probably pop up soon...

Describe Safri Duo in 3 words: sweet – salty and sour

Describe Uffe Savery in 3 words: optimist – intelligent and arrogant (and he knows it!!)

Uffe´s qualities: His optimism

Uffe´s bad habits: His laughter

Favourite Safri song:
Rise- especially now that Clark´s vocal has been, it´s Rise - Leave Me Alone

Best experience on tour: When people approach us after the show and tell us, that they have had a great experience...that's enough for me!

Worst experience on tour
: When we were invited to Ibiza by Judge Jules to play "Played-a-Live" in his club. That was our first encounter with a hardcore drug environment. TERRIBLE!!

I hate:

I love: My life!

I would never: Sleep in a double bed with Uffe!

Greatest wish:

What would you have become if you hadn't chosen music:
I have been to quite a lot of astrologists - mostly for the fun of it - and they have all told me, that I could have become a philosopher. That would suit me just fine - and it could still happen!!

Hobby: Swimming

How do I relax: By doing absolutely nothing!

Which instruments do I play
: Al kinds of percussion (obviously), piano

Instrument I wish, I could play: The guitar

Artists I would like to perform/record with: SANTANA

3 things I would bring to a desert island: My wife, my daughter and my daughter

Uffe Savery


Full name: Uffe Savery (Formerly Uffe Savery Als-Nielsen. Changed my name to Uffe Savery, when I became a musician)

Nick name: Uffen

Date of birth: 5th of April 1966

Birth place: Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Star sign: Aries

Occupation: Music, music and more music!

Married: Yes, to my fantastic wife - Tanja !

Children: Yes, Emil and Julie

Siblings: Maria (1968) - a fantastic sister!!

Height: 1.83 meters

Weight: 74 kilos/ aprox 163 pounds (I have gained 8 pounds in sheer muscle during the last year!) (Really! It's true!!)

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Blond

Characteristics: Long legs and I forget the time.....

Favourite food:
Sushi, Bouillabaisse, Tandori Chicken, Paella, Tapas and Coq au Vin. (I prefer eating the food in the original environment)

Favourite drink: Corona Beer, Russian Vodka and Italian red wine

Favourite animal: Springer Spaniel (It's a dog)

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite fruit: Oranges

Favourite flower
: Tulips

Favourite sport: Tennis

Favourite holiday spot: Corsica

Role models: Leonard Bernstein, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Duke Ellington, Igor Stravinsky, Chick Chorea, Michael Jackson and James Brown

Coolest celebrities I have ever met: No one,....well, apart from Soeren Rasted (Aqua)

Favourite movie: Woody Allen: "Broadway Danny Rose", Lars von Trier: "Breaking the Waves" and Kaufman: "The unbearable lightness of being"

Favourite actor/actress: Anthony Hopkins, Juliette Binoche

Favourite TV-show: "Hit med Sangen"

Favourite music: "Funky, groovy music, Soul Funk, Jazz and steaming House!

Favourite book: Madame Curie (A great biography of one of last century's most prominent female scientists)

Worst habit: I am always late getting out the door!!!!

Describe Safri Duo in 3 words: Morten - Uffe - Energy or: Optimistic - Pulsating - Drum energy

Describe Morten Friis in 3 words:
Genius - "Tight" - Admirable

Morten´s qualities: His commitment!!

Morten´s bad habits:
His Jutlandic genes (no idea where they come from!) about not being hasty when everything is roaring!

Favourite Safri song: "Crazy Benny"

Best experience on tour: Almost all our concerts are the best! The fantastic feedback we get from the audience is so inspirering and gives us so much energy!!

3 special tour experiences....The Roskilde Festival 2001, The opening of the TMF Award Show in Holland, Spring of 2001 and The Charity Concert for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation in Cirkusbygningen, Spring of 2002

Worst experience on tour: Ibiza, September 2001 (first gig with P-A-L) and the Tunnel Club in New York a year later

I hate: ...It's difficult to find that emotion within me

I love: Love, music, children, and food from all over the world

I would never:
Bungee jump!

Greatest wish: Bungee jump! -Nooo, to achieve the perfect "ying-yang" balance between my professional life and my personal life. This project is coming along nicely!

What would you have become if you hadn't chosen music: A bum?...To be creative is part of my personality. I like technique. I am an extrovert and I like to communicate. And I like management - so a job, which includes those trades. (A very modest interpretation of myself!?????)

Hobby: Cooking and tennis - and of course the one thing I can't mention here.........

How do I relax:
With the thing I can't mention here.........and skiing/hiking in the mountains and being with my family in the summer cottage in Mols

Funniest experience with fans: Nickie and Bente, who have gotten the Played-a-Live intro notes tattooed!! The first (and perhaps the last) in the world!?

Which instruments do I play:
Quite a few in the percussion department!!; I pretty much rule the bongo - everything ,which can be played with drum sticks (and that's pretty much percussion from all over the world), marimba/vibraphone, classical percussion - and I also jazz pretty wicked on the piano!!

Instrument I wish, I could play:
The Saxophone

Artists I would like to perform/record with:

3 things I would bring to a desert island:
A pocket knife, iPod (Mac´s MP3 Walkman) and of course my family (If you can define them as a "thing?!)

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