On the 19th of July 2004, The Safri Zone had the pleasure of hosting The Safri Zone Summer Party 2004, featuring Safri Duo and Clark Anderson!!
It was a truly magnificent day and we were honored that Uffe, Morten and Clark wanted to spend an afternoon on Moen with their fans.

We hope you will enjoy this report from the fantastic day.

It all began weeks earlier, where the preparations for The Summer Party began:

We knew it would be pretty hard work, but we have never been afraid to throw ourselves head first into wacky projects.

We discovered that there was a lot of small details, that had to be connected and that the smallest details are the things that take up the most of our time!!

There had been a fair in Damsborg earlier in the year, which had not been cleared out, so we set out to clear the 2 halls we needed for our Summer Party.

At first it took us about 16 minutes to take down one small pavilion, but when we finished, we took down the last one in 5.56 minutes!! Not bad for 2 small Hobbitts!

In between clearing out the halls, we had to travel to NyKoebing F to have some Safri prizes made for the competition we were having at the party.

We got the bright idea to show some Safri Duo footage on a big screen, not knowing that a big screen is pretty darn hard to invent and pretty darn hard to sew!!! Especially at 2am in the morning...Bente was not friends with the 9m2 big screen until it hung on the wall!

We had serious problems getting our hands on a projector. We had been promised one, but two days before the party we were still not 100% sure, whether we would actually receive it. Sunday it arrived....but connected to the VCR it just wouldn't work!! We didn't panic at all (oh yeah...riiight...). We called the owner of the local cinema to ask if he had a projector, and he said, that he DID have the one in the cinema (Was he going to close the cinema for Safri Duo?), but that it probably was juuuust an inch too large.

Returning to Damsborg, "our" projector had decided to cooperate, and we were back on track!

For the last minute preparations, we have to thank our "crew" for their huge help: Maria, Jonna, Jacob, Malene and of course Coco-Adagio for his indispensable breadth of view!

While we were in the kitchen for most of the late Sunday, it was nice to have a crew to boss around, whahaha, could get used to that!

Then suddenly it was Monday the 19th and OH MY GOD Safri Duo were coming!!!! Everything was pretty much ready, we only needed the slush ice machine, which was scheduled to arrive at 10 am. At 11.15 it hadn't arrived yet, and just to add to the ongoing panic, the VCR connected to the projector decided NOT to play the Safri tapes. We also needed some cables for the speakers to the projector. On a happy note, Tom, one of the crew, turned out to be a champion at making popcorn, and suddenly the VCR made friends with the Safri tapes. Then the slush ice machine arrived and so did the cables for the speakers. So everything was peachy.....until we realized that the blue slush ice was missing, and that we had gotten the wrong kinda flavor...the kind that never ever turns into slush. At all. Never, ever.
Luckily our deliverer of party articles had returned with the missing blue flavor and realized the mistake. But it's pretty darn hard emptying a slush ice machine, with a huge soup spoon!!!

At this point people were starting to arrive so it was pretty neat that Line and Jacob would wrestle the slush ice, while we did the welcome,-and info speech.

While the Safri footage was being showed on the big screen, we served some refreshments. The popcorn was a big hit.....and so was the slush, when it finally "slushed"!!

At 3pm the local news station TV2 East phoned us up, to ask if they could do a spot from The Safrizone Summer party? We didn't quite know what to say, since we had already turned down the local newspaper earlier in the week. We told him, that it would be ok, just as long as he didn't take up Safri Duo's time with the fans, which he assured us, that he wouldn't. In fact, he said, that he wasn't even sure he would stay for their arrival. Guess when he realized that they were actually coming to Moen, he decided to hang around, and also squeezed in an interview. After it has been shown, we have found out, that more people than we thought actually watch TV2 East, because we have gotten a lot of response. The spot was also shown on Tv2 all over Denmark, which was pretty cool!

But back to the party, because now the time was 4.15 pm, and Safri Duo and Clark entered the drive way, Uffe behind the wheel honking Played-a-Live. Aaarh, gotta love him! They all exited the car accompanied by Thomas Hendrix, their webmaster and Henrik,- a friend of Clarks.
Thomas offered to take pictures for The Safri Zone, so we could concentrate on being hosts, which was really sweet of him, and the pics he took turned out great as you all can see in this report!

Looking at the pictures we can hardly believe that Uffe, Morten and Clark were actually in our home. What an honour!! And what amazing persons they are, to spend an afternoon off, driving to Moen to spend time with some of their fans. It truly meant a lot to the fans, who met up. Some of them had actually never seen Safri Duo in real life, and some of them had traveled a long way.....from Hamburg, Sweden and the other side of Denmark.
Now that's the right Safri spirit!!! And Safri Duo acknowledging that with their presence, shows how much they appreciate all their fans. They are truly exceptional people and great role models.

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