Vega, Copenhagen, Thursday the 26th of April 2001
"Something special..."

After seeing Safri Duo on TV perform at The Danish Music Awards in March, there was no doubt in our minds: We just HAD to see them live!!!

So when they stopped by Vega, we gathered a few friends and off we went:

It was a long day at Teachers´ College counting the minutes to the big night!!!

We had the pleasure of first seeing Puddu Verano, but we quickly forgot him, when Safri Duo came on stage and started playing. It was u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e!!! We almost forgot to breathe! The entire show was mind-blowing; we sure got hooked on the Safri sound and right there we knew for sure: Those guys were something very special! And we knew in our hearts, that this was not the last time we had been at a Safri Duo concert.

We got home a bit 3 am, and had classes at 8.15 am, which wasn't all that exciting. Let's just say, we didn't get a lot of work done. It was more Safri talk all day long. We were already talking about when we could see them again?!

Samsø Festival, Sunday the 22nd of July 2001
"First encounter"

This was our first trip to the island Samsø and the festival.

We drove from Stege at 7 am in Nickie´s mum's car with our friend Hans and Bente´s boyfriend Lars.

We had to catch the ferry at 10.45 and while waiting to go on board we saw the band Smokie and a Danish singer Ivan Petersen, who were going to perform at the festival as well. We started thinking of the possibility of Safri Duo being on board too? Wouldn't that be cool?!

So we went on the prowl through the ferry, but no such luck. After 40 minutes the cafeteria was getting way too hot, so we found a nice spot on the deck. Lars went for a walk and came skipping back with a big smile on his face. "Do you recognize the guy over there talking on the phone?" he asked. We looked....and OH MY GOD, it was Morten Friis standing by the reeling!!!! So we sneaked up on him, standing 2 meters away, pretending just to be checking out the view and NOT him....

He kept talking on the phone and of course we didn't want to interrupt, so we waited and waited. Suddenly Nickie padded Bente on the shoulder: "Look at that guy, standing over there!", Nickie asked, "Doesn't he look a bit like Uffe?!" The man turned around and OH MY GOD, it was Uffe Savery!!!!

Uffe went inside The Lounge and because Morten was still on the phone, we decided to follow Uffe and get his autograph.

We found him sitting at a table and walked up to him, smiling like crazy. He looked up and we asked if we pleeeeaaaase could get his autograph? He smiled right back and said "Of course you can!!" While he was writing he told us, that Morten should be around somewhere and we replied, that we had already spotted him, but did not want to disturb him, as he was talking on the phone. We had a short chat and then thanked Uffe for his time.

We are proud to say, that we made it around the corner before having a total meltdown!!!!

And just to add to the meltdown, Morten was off the phone, and ready to be invaded!!!!

We cornered him and asked politely if we could get an autograph? He looked at us, smiled and said "of course you can!" While writing the autographs he asked if we were going to the festival? We told him that we had traveled all the way from Moen just to see Safri Duo. Morten said:" No, get outta here?! Just to see us?!" And we couldn't lie: Yep, just to see them!

We talked about the show in Vega and Morten mentioned that Uffe was around also. We told him, that we had already cornered him to get an autograph. Morten wished us a great show and we wished him the same.

We hadn't even reached the festival yet and already this day was out of this world!!!

Our faces probably had the same goofy expression as when we met Savage Garden in 1999! And the goofiness did not disappear when Hans later on told us, that he had taken a picture of us and Morten!!

When we reached the festival we had a look around and found that this festival really had a great vibe!

We went to the front row forgetting all about Hans and Lars, because it was time to seriously get down and bongo!!! Uffe entered the stage wearing his orange pants, which we immediately named "The Party Pants" and a blue sleeveless FCUK shirt. Morten had on beige pants and a red shirt with white sleeves.

And what a show! With the sun right in their faces Safri Duo jumped around on stage, drumming, dancing and playing the Safri Tubes like mad and sweating like crazy! They gave a show that totally blew away the audience including us!

This was only our second Safri Duo concert, but there was no doubt in the world: We were Safri Duo fans!

After the show we had a bite to eat, before heading for the ferry.

On the ferry home we discovered that it was the same ferry as on the way over and quickly raced to The Lounge" to get "Safri Duo's table!!!" (maybe it wasn't luck!..Could be there is just ONE ferry?!) We went for coffee in the cafeteria and on the way there we bumped into...Morten Friis!!! We thanked him for a great show and continued our walk to the cafeteria. When we returned to The Lounge we found the entire Safri Duo team (and Safri Duo) sitting in the first room of The Lounge, and we speeded by, trying to look like we hadn't noticed them AT ALL!!

Then we went for coffee again and in the cafeteria we had the pleasure of meeting a very strange, very drunk and very loving man, who convinced us to buy him food, so he didn't have to stand in line. In return we cashed in a group hug. -Just couldn't lose that day! We turned around and -wooptie- standing right there was our sensor from the final exam at Teachers´ College and we LIKE HER, because she gave us a fantastic grade in Psychology/Workshop! She actually remembered us and we had a talk while standing in the queue.

Then we returned to The Lounge, walked to our table, sat down and....OH MY GOD! right there, on the floor Uffe Savery was sitting, writing messages on his mobile phone! We tried looking like people that didn't care at all, but looking at Lars we could tell that it didn't work!

Uffe got up from the floor and we saw the opportunity of thanking him for a great show. He smiled and said thank you...and then he ONDENLYNENME stayed for a talk! He told us about where they had been and where they were playing in the future and we joked and asked him to send a postcard once in a while, which made him laugh.

We asked him some questions about the tour and he told us that they were playing in Denmark throughout the year. We smiled and said: "We will see you then!" to which Uffe laughed, pointed at us and replied: "I guess I'll see you then!"

He said take care and went back to the Safri troops while we had the ultimate, world wrecking meltdown of the year (a girl thing?..) Bente had to call her mum and everyone else on her mobile list, while Nickie went to the "happy place" in her head, repeating the word "geeeeeez!" 500 times.

Of course we had to share it all with Hans, who had missed it all, because he had left to get a smoke. So Lars had a great laugh listening to us trying to repeat the experience, while being extremely hyped!!!

We thought this was it in the Safri Duo apartment but, oh no, as an encore Uffe greeted us as the ferry reached the harbour and we left The Lounge. And that was about all we could take for one day, but just to screw a bit more with our minds, on the way home, Lars speeded around at least 4-5 times, in all the traffic circles he could find, making one Hell of a centrifugal force and making us all stick to one side of the car! Haha..funny! Little devil! (Gonna kick his ass....)

Meeting Safri Duo was truly a great experience. Just as we had expected they are the most friendly and down-to-Earth people you could ever have the privilege of meeting. That just makes it even better to support them and we are very proud of being their fans. Safely at home we got our Safri Duo pictures developed and oh boy, there are some great shots! Can't wait to see them again!!

Tivoli, Friday the 24th of August 2001
"Who is up for ice cream?"

We wish to give a big shout out to the Swedish singer Lisa Eckdahl, who was scheduled to perform in Tivoli,......but got sick!!! The "substitute" performers: Safri Duo!

So off we went to Tivoli, with our friend Hans and his girlfriend Berit.
We had a walk around the amusement park and had a bite to eat, before taking up positions in the front row.

After waiting for 2 hours Safri Duo entered the stage, escorted by the Tivoli Garden's Boys´ Guard.
Argh, God damnit, that was cute!!

Uffe had on white pants and a sleeveless black and white shirt with the word "action" in red written on it. Morten had on his dark green pants and a light beige shirt with brown sleeves.

It was a Hell of a show, they bongo´ed their butts off and everything was fantastic!

After the show we totally forgot about the possibility of getting autographs. Instead we went for another walk in the park and had ice cream.

Almost by coincidence we passed the backstage area and saw Uffe and Morten writing autographs, so we went over to them.

We said hi to Uffe, and while he signed autographs Nickie said, that the show had been just as great as the show on Samsø.

Uffe looked surprised, then smiled and said:"That´s it!! I knew I had seen you two before! We talked on the ferry on the way home from The Samsøe Festival!!"

We thought it was pretty cool, that he was able to remember meeting us on the ferry and gave him a smile that hopefully didn't seem too psychotic?...

We congratulated them on winning some awards in Germany and wished them a great Summer, and then we headed home. But first we had to call our friend Sisanne and tell her that Uffe had recognized us! We're sure, that she was very grateful for getting that information at half past midnight!...

After being in a Safri hype and totally out of control in the backseat of the car, Berit and Hans were probably both grateful when they dropped us off at Bente´s flat 2 hours later.

Of course we couldn't sleep. It was girl talk all night long, hoping for the next Safri Duo adventure to come soon.

Frederiksberg Raadhus, Wednesday the 26th of September 2001

On Monday the 24th we had been cruising the Internet and read on The Safri Homepage, that Uffe and Morten were to be presented with the Frederiksberg Artist Award at Frederiksberg Council in Copenhagen on Wednesday. They would also perform a few songs.

But, oh the horror!!!: Nickie had sprained her foot and Bente had a parent meeting at the kindergarten at 7 pm, so things were not looking good....As supporters it's agonizing to know, that Safri Duo is playing on Sealand and not being there!!!!

But then Lady Luck smiled at us!!! Safri Duo would be presented with the award in the afternoon at 3 pm!! That meant that if we could only get hold of a car and get someone to drive us, Bente could be picked up after work at 1 pm, we could be in Frederiksberg at 3 pm and still make it home in time for Bente´s parent meeting at 7 pm!! And Nickie wouldn't have to walk that much on her sprained foot!

So the planning began and speeding down the highway with Bente´s mum behind the wheel of Nickie´s mum's car, humming Safri Duo, we were wired up for a fun, but stressful day.

We found Frederiksberg Council and there was no fence between the crowd and the stage so we were literally UP FRONT!

The Mayor presented the award and to show their gratitude Uffe and Morten gave him a Safri Duo shirt and a cap. Morten told us, that Safri merchandise was just around the corner, which we look very much forward to!

Morten had on his red shirt with long white sleeves and beige pants. Uffe was wearing dark green pants and a white Samsøe t-shirt. Then they started playing and we truly discovered how close to the stage we were standing ! When Morten jumped up and down Nickie was almost hit by his feet, and when Uffe jumped and hyped the crowd, you could peek up his shirt!-We didn't peek of course, but other fans might have!!!(....)

Because it was a very small stage sadly Uffe and Morten couldn't bring The Safri Tubes, but they had time to write autographs, so they were pretty much surrounded. We went to Morten, who was "trapped" with his back against a truck and when we said it was worth the trip from Moen, he smiled and said "Glad to hear it!". Then we went to Uffe, who sat on the stairs to the stage. He smiled when he recognized us and said :"Hey, it's our fans!!" We replied in a key, that only dogs can hear: "Yeah!" We asked why some of the concerts in the Summer had been cancelled, and Uffe sent us to their manager Michael Guldhammer, so we had the pleasure of meeting him, too!

Then we said goodbye and speeded home to get Bente to her parent meeting in time.

After a successful parent meeting, Bente went to Nickies flat for the compulsory Safri Duo girl-talk and the planning of the next Safri Duo adventure.

Helle Hallen, Varde, Friday the 2nd of November 2001
"Smacking the butt!"

This was our first Safri Duo concert in Jutland and because it is difficult to get home late at night, we had booked a room at Varde Motel.

It was a really nice motel, even though it wasn't possible to get anything to eat at night, unless you had a car, so you could drive to town. So we went to the concert happy but on empty stomachs. We were the first ones there, so the nice and caring taxi driver stayed a while to make sure, we were in the right place, because we were REALLY out in the country. But then we could hear the familiar sound of bongo drums and we knew, that we were in the right place!

As people got in line we realized that we were not only the eldest, but also the only ones SOBER!

The girls standing behind us in line asked if we wanted a beer and when we said no thank you, they asked how old we were? When we said 25, they looked really shocked (they were 15), but managed to say:"Hey, just because you are 25 it doesn't mean you are not cool!"

Thanks....we guess?

When we were let in we, of course, went straight to the front row and sat quietly down, while the others were drinking and dancing. That made us kinda unpopular, even though we tried to explain that we had traveled a long way for the CONCERT not for the beer and dancing. We could do that at home if we wanted to.

Approx. a half an hour before the show, which was set to start at midnight, Uffe and Morten came out to check their drums and Uffe saw us and did a little dance for us. Morten was standing in the back, looking at Uffe with an expression on his face, which said: ".....Say WHAT?!......" and then he decided just to go backstage.

To our big surprise Uffe came to the edge of the stage and said hello and nice to see you. We talked until the other concert goers noticed him and all wanted to touch him. (Damn, why didn't we think of that?!) Uffe said see you soon and got up, and thereby almost preventing us from getting squashed.

When Safri Duo entered the stage the crowd went wild! We could hardly take pictures ´cause it was impossible to move!! The girl next to Bente was very drunk and for some reason she decided NOT to like us. So we kinda got into a brawl, until we managed to convince her just to enjoy the concert, which we were all here for!! The crowd pushed forward like maniacs, so Uffe grabbed a microphone and pleaded twice for the audience to calm down and take two steps backwards, because the fans in the front row were being squashed. It didn't work, but thanks anyway, Uffe!

Halfway through the concert the crowd finally got bored with squashing the first 3 rows (We had been bored with the squeezing for the last 45 minutes!!) and started to calm down a bit.

Safri Duo finished off with the meanest Samb-Adagio/Played-a-live medley known to mankind!!! Let's just say, that this medley kicked some serious a..!! We desperately hope, that they will play it again at the next concerts!

The mania continued after the concert, when people started to fight in order to get Uffe and Morten´s towels! Uffe asked if they wanted him to sign it, but that wasn't necessary..they just wanted the towels.....

Now...we know that we are very devoted fans, and a bit odd at times,..... but collecting Safri Duo sweat? That takes home the price!

Uffe and Morten left the arena, leaving for Germany and the party continued, but we decided to clear out, before someone else decided not to like us and give us a good beating!

We found a taxi and drove home to our motel, where we actually found quite a few bruises from standing in the front row! It's not always easy being a bongo-girl!

The next morning we got ready for the trip home, but not before completely VACUUMING the breakfast buffet at the motel!!

While waiting for the train we had a walk through Varde and had a laugh coming up with new Safri sounds like: 8 packs of Kleenex firmly smacked against a winter coat-covered butt. We tried it: It makes a great sound!

We said bye-bye to Varde and safely at home we started planning our next overseas Safri Duo adventure!

Vesteramtshallen, Gram, Friday the 23rd of November 2001
"ævnjsæs sj skhsphyup hhhg!!"

This event was an overseas experience and for us, it was also the LAST Safri Duo concert of 2001!

We traveled to Jutland and had arranged to stay at Nickie´s cousin's house. So cousin Bjarke picked us up at the train station in Gram.

After a family visit (thumbs up for Aunt Merete´s lasagna!!), we were dropped off at the arena at 8.30 pm.

It didn't take long before we had positioned ourselves on the usual spot: The front row!!

While waiting for Safri Duo we were talking and a girl asked us if we were the two girls from overseas? (Because of the dialect). When we said "Eeehm..yes!" she told us, that we had been mentioned in the local news paper, because we ordered tickets ALL THE WAY FROM SEALAND!.....Used as a publicity stunt for a Safri Duo concert.....isn't that what every girl dreams of?

Safri Duo hit the stage at midnight (in the hours before the show there was a disco so everybody was dancing. Well not us. WE only let go of the front row fence if the place is on fire..) At this show Uffe had on a red, sleeveless shirt and rough-looking blue-striped jeans. Morten was wearing his grey and orange Adidas t-shirt and his dark green pants.

There was a great vibe even though the sound was a little odd. And we didn't get in a brawl, like in Varde. Big thing!

After the show Uffe and Morten had a little time to sign autographs, and lucky for us, there weren't a lot of people waiting backstage. Which meant, that they had more time for us, yiippiiiii!!!!! And at this concert...we were on a mission. Carefully planned out we carried into action the "Can we please get a hug?"-mission!!"

And the mission was a success, because the reply from both of them was: "Sure you can!".........Warm........Sweaty..........Wet.......ooooops, gettin´ a bit carried away, must be a girl thing!!!!

We also managed to ask for autographs for Bente´s mum and Nickie´s sister Louise.

We had a question for Uffe about their presence at a Danish award show, because they were scheduled to be in Spain during this event. We kinda got Uffe a bit confused and he said, that we should ask the tour manager Torben Toft. Torben said that the event in Spain was still on, so they would not appear at the award show. Uffe squeezed his head between us and said: "So DON'T buy tickets, ´cause we wont be there!!"

We said goodbye and Uffe said see you soon.

Uffe and Morten left the backstage area and we found cousin Bjarke whom, of course, was at the bar. We told him about our talk with Safri Duo in a key that only dogs can hear and he said: " girls sure look like you could use a drink!"

And that kinda started a ravine! We usually don't drink at the Safri Duo concerts, but you can't turn down family, and certainly not when Bjarke insisted on buying all night long!!!

We definitely owe Bjarke a night out!

The town Gram sure knows how to party! We got so drunk that we hardly remember what was going on, but we did sent unreadable messages on the mobile phone to our friend Sisanne and sister Louise.(Something like "jugfs kdææ gdhs la hot jdhkdueu!")

Later on they claimed they couldn't understand them, but it made a lot of sence to us, when we sent them!

Besides that, the hosts of the event were able to clear out 1200 people, turn on all the lights, and pile up all the inventory without us noticing it!

Suddenly 3 giant security guards came up to us and told us, that the party was over! THEN we noticed, that we were the only 3 left in the entire arena!

But we were not ready to leave, we had to "powder our noses" first and standing in the ladies room, we totally forgot that the party was over and started goofing around talking about girl stuff and Safri Duo.

So the security guard had to knock on the door, and again tell us: "Ladies...The party is OVER!".

Bjarke suggested that we continued the party at the local hotel, and we were up for it and started walking to town. Or at least Bjarke walked..we were more or less carried.....

We continued the party until 4.30 am and then we started feeling......well, less good. So Bjarke called Aunt Merete, who picked us up. We desperately tried to seem sober, but as you probably all know: It just can't be done.

Getting safely home to Bjarke´s house Nickie collapsed in a gigantic giggle-attack, while brushing her teeth, and Bente didn't help her at all. She had to gather all of her strength to get her contact lenses in water before passing out. When Bjarke came home he was so sweet as to pull some blankets over us, before he went to bed. (He didn't look drunk at all! Damn!!)We thought is was time to sleep, but then something "came up" that made Nickie run VERY FAST to the kitchen and Bente run VERY FAST to the bathroom!

It was a short and not that comfortable night, and Bjarke was already up at 8 am, but was kind enough not to wake up the girls!

We stopped by Aunt Merete for brunch and Bjarke drove us to the train station in Ribe, where our journey back to Moen started. Let's just say, that it was a long, long, looong train ride.

Safely at home, we sat down and awaited the Safri Duo adventures we hoped would come in 2002. Luckily we have all our concert pictures to get us through the lonely nights!

The Danish Music Awards, Saturday the 2nd of March 2002
"HI MUM!!!"

This was truly a special evening!!!!!

Safri Duo was nominated for a Hell of a lot of awards and you didn't have to be a music genius to sence, that Safri Duo would take home most of them!

So we just had to be there, no question about it!!! Also it was the first opportunity to see Safri Duo in 2002 so nothing could keep us away!

We invaded Nickie´s dad's apartment (he had voluntarily left for a family visit) and we got ALL DRESSED UP for the big show, which was being shown live on TV. The whole family was watching at home, so we had promised to wave at them.

Dressed up and ready to bongo, we opened the front door......and walked right out in a flamin´ blizzard!!! And it just seemed to get worse with every step we took! On the train to mid town we hoped that the blizzard would clear, but OH NO! It followed us all the way to The Forum, where we had to wait in line outside for an hour! And what happened when the doors opened and we were let in? The weather cleared RIGHT UP!

We got to the front row and as the show started we saw that all the nominees were seated on stage so we could see Uffe and Morten all the time! Uffe was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and a west and Morten was wearing a black Nørrebro shirt. We also had a pretty good view of the Danish singers Thomas Helmig and Christian (Yummie!)

Then the show started and just as we had suspected Uffe and Morten didn't really need their chairs. They were busy, busy little bees, running back and forth collecting their awards, thanking their fans, management, record company, DJ´s, tour manager and they even did a little song, SINGING The Bongo Song. Thank you!!

Suddenly we could hear the familiar sound of bongo drums and we were wondering, which Safri song that was? Uffe and Morten had changed clothes and Uffe was now wearing a pink shirt and Morten a tie-dye long-sleeved shirt. Then Michael McDonald appeared on screen and started to sing "Sweet Freedom" with Safri Duo. (NO, they didn't sing, they played the drums, of course!) We were ecstatic about this NEW song and hoped that they would bring it on tour with them and release it SOON!

When Safri Duo won the final award, they walked across the stage and passed us. As pretty hyped fans, we saw the opportunity and jumped up and down, waving like maniacs. Lucky us, Uffe saw us, smiled and pointed at us....AND WE HAVE IT ALL ON VIDEO!!!!

On another note we just have to mention, that former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes was at the show, presenting an award! A man that is close to our hearts and whom we had the pleasure of meeting in 1999.

After Safri Duo's award fiest we headed home to dad's apartment, had a celebration sandwich and a coke and dad phoned us up and said:"Well, well, Uffe waved at you, eh?" to which we replied "Yeah...." in a key that only dogs were able to hear.

The next day we were on our way to Moen and safely at home, watching the DMA show over and over again, we started planning our next Safri Duo adventure.

The Voice Live at the Arena, Ballerup, Saturday the 30th of March, 2002
"You're down with L.O.C? Yeah, you know me!"

This was the first real Safri Duo concert of the year and that meant that we were PRETTY WORKED UP!!

We had traveled to Copenhagen the day before and had borrowed the key to Nickie´s dad's apartment. He didn't feel the need to be around two Safri fans, who hadn't been to a real Safri concert since November 2001, so "daddy had left the building!!!!"

The Radio station "The Voice" was the host of this event and had booked 8 bands. Safri Duo was the closing act, which meant, that we spent 5 hours standing in the front row. It was great seeing some of the other bands; Den Gale Pose, Dj. Alligator and The Barcode Brothers. But let's face it...when L.O.C left the stage it was safe to say that we were not fans!

A quarter past midnight Safri Duo finally entered the stage!! Morten had on his tie-dye long-sleeved shirt and green pants and Uffe wore white pants and a light blue sleeveless shirt with a pattern. Looking good, guys!

It was a great show, the energy was high and it was really, really fantastic seeing them again!!!

We had made some fliers for the Safri Duo News Group, which we handed out at The Arena.

Safri Duo were signing autographs so we were there, dude! We had a chat and Morten said: "Hey, that's Nickie and Bente!" to which we replied something very intelligent like: "...Yeeaah....".

Uffe said that he had read our profile in The Safri Duo Group and pointed out that to the question "Hobby" we had only written Safri Duo, which he thought was really amusing. Nickie tried desperately to convince the man, that we have other interests, but he wouldn't listen!

As devoted fans, we just HAD to have our picture taken with Uffe and Morten and got a VERY happy, very sweet and VERY DRUNK Safri fan to take the photo. He was such a devoted fan, that he just had to show Morten his naked butt, and ask him to sign it?! Morten replied: "No thanks" looked at us with a smile and said: "Why don't you take a picture of THAT?" to which we replied: "Thanks...but no thanks!"

Sadly we had to detach ourselves from the great company and said goodbye.

The next day we headed home and started planning the next Safri adventure.

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