Groen Concert, Valby, Sunday the 21st of July 2002

"Bounty....have a taste of Paradise..."

Today Line was coming with us to see Safri Duo and she picked us up in her car. We drove to Vordingborg, where we caught a train to Valby.

Our friend Anja was supposed to join us in Valby, but two days before she had an accident, and due to a minor head injuri, she couldn´t come! Oh, that´s not the right Safri spirit! (JUST KIDDING!!!)

In Valby we took a cab to the entrance of Valby Park, and could they POSSIBLY have put the concert arena further away? We walked, and walked, and walked, in company of, what seemed to be, half of the population on Sealand! Dang, it was crowded!

We were thinking that it would probably be a bit difficult to get a front row spot, and when we entered the festival ground, we were right.

-But then the conferencier Jakob Haugaard came on stage and mentioned that Junior/Senior was now performing on the small stage, so "whooptie" the front row at the main stage was ready for the taking! Thank you Junior/Senior and Jakob Haugaard!!

Dj Encore feat. Engelina went on stage for the last time at Groen Concert and after seeing them 4 times we now knew the songs! They did a terrific show and there are a couple of spiffy-looking guys in the band (on drums and the bass) so we might just check out Dj Encore in the future!

Then Safri Duo entered! Uffe had on his faint blue pants, his nice "Rebel"-shirt and white long-sleeved shirt. Morten was wearing his dark green pants and a yellow "Noerrebro" t-shirt. And that yellow t-shirt has definitely earned a spot on the Top 10 list: "Favourite Safri Duo outfits! Well, hello Dolly!

Apart from Morten singing "Higher Love" and Uffe´s adorable dance-moves, Safri Duo had a few other "treats" up their sleeves. In the middle of "Baya-Baya" Banjo´s Likørstue came on stage and did a little, not so adorable, dance. But it was extremely humorous!!!

That really took us by a surprise, and it was great seeing them, since Banjos Likoerstue is one of our favourite TV-shows!

But an even bigger surprise was in store, just before "Sweet Freedom"

Suddenly Jean Michel Jarre entered the stage to "invite" everyone to his Aero Concert on the 7th of September where Safri Duo is to perform as special guests!

Safri Duo and Jean Michel Jarre on stage together, right in front of us.....Poor Bente almost had a meltdown (her being a Jarre fan in her teenage years.)

Wonder if we´ll go to that Aero concert? Ha, already bought the tickets, mate!

In the middle of "Sweet Freedom" all the stage security suddenly appeared in front of the stage all carrying buckets for Uffe to play on, which he did with a smile:

Due to a press conference with Jarre, Uffe and Morten weren´t scheduled to be at the Safri Shop before 6 pm (more than 2 hours after the concert) and you may think, that we got in line right away! -But no, we didn´t!!

Instead we wanted to get a bite to eat and check out the festival ground. But all the lines we got in, either stopped completely or the shop ran out of food! So we didn´t get anything to eat, and haven´t eaten anything all day, we were getting a bit grumpy!

And then it started to rain, so we thought, we might as well just get in line at The Safri Shop, there only being one hour to Uffe and Morten would appear. So we did a little shopping and bought a poster for Safri Duo to sign.

While standing peacefully in the line a man suddenly came up to us, asking if he could touch Bente´s coco-nuts?!


Bente of course said "I don´t think so, Pal!!".....You really DO meet the strangest people at festivals!

The line was getting pretty long, and a parent was standing along the queue, trying to prevent people from cutting in line.

Then another man came up to us, and asked if we could just watch his daughter for a few minutes? Us still being dizzy from the encounter with the coconut-dude, said "yeah, sure", but then we discovered, that he had actually just cut his kid in line!! And we had just helped him! Then the guarding parent came up to the girl and said, that she had to go down the line, and she answered: "But I´m with them!"

We just couldn´t find it in our hearts to kick her out of the queue, so we let her stick with us. Shame on Line, Nickie and Bente!

Then Lars and Kenneth came to The Shop and it raining pretty hard, we thought: "Oh, have they brought an umbrella for us?", but oh no, they hadn´t!!!

Then Uffe and Morten arrived and we got them to sign our poster and Line got them to sign the cover of their classical album "Works for Percussion", which they also signed when they played on Moen approx. 8 years ago.

Morten and Uffe found it extremely amusing seeing their old signatures and one of their classical albums. Line told Uffe, that we are extremely envious of that autograph, which we are NOT!!!!

We had planned on seeing Big Fat Snake perform but it was raining so hard, that we decided just to head home. So we started walking and walking and walking, with what seemed, again, half of the population on Sealand. They had decided to leave the wet festival too, which was a bit of a shame for Big fat Snake and Simple Minds. We hope that their devoted fans stayed for the show?!

We couldn´t get a cab, so we were preeeeeeeeeetty wet, when we finally decided to go to the train station. We had a walking companion, who knew exactly where we should go. When we discovered, that he actually didn´t know what part of Copenhagen he was in, we simply decided to try our own luck getting home! But he was very nice and a true gentleman, so thanks mate!

We had a bite to eat on the train (finally!!!), and at 9.30pm Line dropped us off at our front door.

Our next Safri Duo adventure in August is gonna be a two day extravaganza, where we have something planned, that is gonna mark us as flaming Safri Duo fan-lunatics, but what it is...well, that´s just a secret for now......

Lienlund Park, Nakskov, Friday the 9th of August 2002

".....and The Medley was ON!"

After a great day at work (and Bente´s last day at the kindergarten), we headed off towards Maribo, where we met up with our friend Lars´ sister Birgit and her children Charlotte and Christoffer.

Lars was supposed to join us, but he was off "defending our country" in the Home Guard.

Birgit had borrowed their dad´s car, so off we went to Nakskov.

We arrived in Nakskov 3 hours before the show and at 6.30 pm, people began to gather in the park, and there being no barrier, people started to enter.

That kinda woke up the 20 security guards doing nothing!

People were asked to go back and wait until 7.30 pm.

This was also the first place we have visited, where there were several dog patrols!

Hmmmmm, did they know we were coming?

At 7.30 we were let through the gate and we, of course, headed towards the front row, as always Bente in her usual speedy pace and Nickie 8 metres behind her in a more relaxed speed.

Christoffer somehow managed to keep up with Bente and they took in the front row, also taking up space for the slow folk!

A local band performed before Catch, who was to go on stage at 8.15 pm.

While waiting we met the lady, who recognized us at Grøn concert in Næstved!

She had a few Safri questions and luckily, we knew the answers. It was fun meeting her again, and the next time we´ll be sure to get her name.

Safri Duo was scheduled to perform at 9pm, but they were nowhere to be found, and at 9.20 people were beginning to get a bit edgy!

So we were pretty happy when the two missing bongo boys were located and jumped on stage!

They were hyped as ever, Morten wearing beige pants and a white/beige longsleeved shirt, and Uffe wearing faint blue pants with blue vertical stripes (Yet another pair of grand dad´s old pyjamas pants!)(Well, we guess that leaves grand dad with no pants!!), a sleeveless shirt and a white long-sleeved shirt.

To our pleasure, Uffe had a few additions to his dancing; it´s quite fascinating how he is able to dance around all over the stage, get down on his knees and STILL make it back to his drums in time!!!

The concert was truly amazing, the guys, the sound, the all formed a synthesis, creating moments where we could feel the drums in our hearts. That was a pretty wild feeling!

A big shout out goes to Johnny for setting some kick ass lights! Especially the strobe lights during "Everything" were totally out of this world! Made the guys look absolutely smashing!

After Sweet Freedom, Morten felt, that they were up for a bit more bongo, an initiative we, of course, saluted!!!! Every time we hear The Medley, it just keeps getting better and better!!!

After the show we went to the shop, which had some new t-shirts with the dates from the Mad Drums Tour printed on the back. Did we buy some? Well,.....we had to!

We got the kids in the car and headed home from yet another great Safri Duo adventure.

We were excited about seeing Safri Duo again the next day in Helsingoer, but also about this little secret thing we had planned......

Hamlet Sommer Fond, Helsingoer, Saturday the 10th of August 2002

"Now you see you don´t!"

As always, when we are going to concerts in the Northern Sealand, we were spending the night at Nickie´s dad´s flat.

Lucky for dad, he was invited to a family get-together, so off he went before we even arrived!

But he had bought Cola, so he does care!!!!!

But before we traveled to Helsingoer for the Safri Duo concert, we had a secret meeting at Magic Moon in Copenhagen.

First we had a nice lunch at Jensen´s Boefhus on Kultorvet, where we were waited on by Jet Li!! No, it wasn´t really him, it was a very nice and polite young man named Pit.-But Holy smoke, he looked a lot like him!

Ok, we´ll just stop beating around the bush and get to the point about our little secret!

We had an appointment with Tom, at Magic Moon Tattoos! Yes, indeed we were going to expand our repertoire of tattoos! But NOOOOOO...we didn´t get "Safri Duo" tattooed on our butts!

But close!

Bente got a set of bongos tattooed on her left shoulder pad

-and Nickie got the Played-a-live notes on her right ankle.

Both images are taken from two of our Safri Duo autographs.

The tattoos look great, Tom did a fantastic job and we had a fabulous afternoon at Magic Moon.

We´ve had our other tattoos made there too, so we had no problems choosing the location, where we would confirm ourselves as flaming fan-lunatics!

Then it was off to Helsingoer by train, where Bente fell asleep the moment she touched the seat! So she was quite spunky, when we reached Helsingoer!!

The concert was taking place in a tent close to Kronborg, and the view there was just beautiful!

We were greeted by some very polite, young security guards, who wanted to know if we had brought alcohol? They also told us to behave, which we OF COURSE always do!!!

Not a lot of people had shown up yet, so we went straight to the front row, after waving to Anja and Tina at the Safri Shop. Those girls are just way cool!

Catch was the opening act, followed by Dj Encore!!

While waiting for Dj Encore to appear, we had a laugh doing The Flying Super pig (now you see you don´t!) right there in the front row. Must have looked a bit nuts.....

Dj Encore did a terrific job and it was great seeing them again after Groen Concert. We also have to mention, that Engelina has the coolest shirt style ever!

When they left the stage there were some water bottles left, which a nice crew member handed out to the people in the front row.

Thank you, just what we needed!

Then Hampenberg came on stage, and it was also cool seeing them again after seeing them in Ballerup and Vig. They sure know how to dance!

After having a laugh watching a giddy Safri Duo crew prepare for the concert, Uffe and Morten came on stage and gave an outstanding concert!

Uffe had on faint blue pants, his sleeveless "Action" shirt and a white long-sleeved shirt.

Morten was wearing dark green pants and a horizontally striped t-shirt. Looking good, guys!!!!!

The crowd was cooking - the atmosphere was electric, and there were some knock out lights! Especially the blue light on Morten during "Higher Love"...AYE CARAMBA!!!

But we have to mention the yellow spotlight, which was right in our faces during parts of the concert. We couldn´t see anything on stage, so Johnny,....easy with the bright are blinding the little ones!

Even though we have seen Safri Duo several times, we are still astonished by the passion, power and energy coming from Uffe and Morten when they perform. They seldom stand still and just play. They jump up and down, hype the crowd and are just so God dang mind-blowing to be around!

Before "Sweet Freedom" Uffe asked if we had the energy for more bongos, and that it would be up to us, if they played one or two extra songs!

And of course the no. 2 song was The Medley!! Yummie!!!

After the concert, we tried to find the exit, but as we had both been blinded by the spotlight, it was kinda difficult for the little ones to find their way out, Johnny!!! (No...just kidding, you do an awesome job!!)

Bente had left her jacket at home, so of course it was raining, when we exited the tent!

As always, we had some great laughs on the train to Ishoej and at 2.45 am we went to bed, dreaming of upcoming Safri Duo adventures and being careful not to lie on our new tattoos,....ouch!!! 

Bredebro Hallen, Bredebro, Friday the 6th of September 2002

"I had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you!"

Safri Duo was playing in the South of Jutland and since we had tickets for the Jean Michel Jarre concert on Saturday, we decided to kick off the weekend, with the Safri Duo concert in Bredebro.

With our friend Lars behind the wheel of Nickie´s mum´s car (The Purple Lightning!), we began our long journey to Bredebro and we sure did an effort to advertise for Safri Duo along the highway:

Here Bente displays our creativity in the Childrens´ Corner at a Monarch Restaurant.

Lars hadn´t bought a ticket for the concert, because he had some family near Bredebro, he wanted to visit, while WE went to our 25th Safri Duo concert (Hooray!!!!)

Lars´ cousin had been so kind as to let us stay the night in her house, while she was away on holiday, which we were very thankful for.

At 8pm Lars and his uncle Ove dropped us off at Bredebro Hallen.

Actually Lars drove directly to the backstage entrance, and said: "So..I´ll just drop you girls off here then!"

The Safri Duo crew stood at the entrance door, so we duck our heads while trying to hit Lars, yelling:" No-no, don´t stop here!!! Drive! DRIVE FOR GOD`S SAKE!" least uncle Ove seemed to be amused about the whole scene, and wished us a great night and encouraged us to behave. (What is it with people, always telling us to behave? We ALWAYS do!)

So,......we were dropped off at the correct entrance and got in line.

Before entering the arena, we got some green entrance passes. There were also some red passes, but we didn´t ask, what the different colours meant.

Just inside the arena, was The Safri Shop, so we had a chat with Anja.....and then we headed for the bar, because this being our 25th Safri concert, we decided to celebrate by having a drink before the show.

And then we discovered what the coloured passes were for:

A bit puzzled by the doubtful expression on the bartender´s face, we asked for two Bacardi Lemons.

She looked at us a moment, then leaned over the counter and said: "And you are.....HOW old?"

A bit flurried, we truthfully answered: "We are both 26..."

Her face changed, and she put on a little smile. "Then do yourselves a favour....go and have your passes changed,...because the ones you are wearing are for people under 18."

We couldn´t help laughing! They didn´t even ask for our age at the door!

Man,....we don´t look that young! We might act that way sometimes, but still.....

So we returned to the entrance and said politely: "Could we please have our passes changed.....we are 26!"

And suddenly we were the new attraction of Bredebro...Come see The Old Folks Looking Like Kids!!

They apologized, we said "no hard feelings"....and then we went to get that drink!

It was the same bartender and we could see, that she was REALLY trying not to laugh out loud, when we showed her our new passes.

Later on that night, we were happy that we got our passes changed, ´cause dang, they make some evil Bacardi Lemons in Bredebro!!

After enjoying our great drink, we went to the front row and at 10pm, the organizer Birgit came on stage to present Safri Duo.

She mentioned that it was a very diverse audience spanning from age 6 to 70. And she invited the 70 year old fan for a free drink after the concert.

And she continued: "Then we also have a couple coming all the way from Moen, for their 25th Safri Duo concert here in Bredebro. So if they would please come on stage!"

And then people started cheering like mad!!!

Panic was all over our faces! This was NOT happening! Us on stage? Hell no!

So we pretended not to be the ones from Moen, and instead she invited us for a free drink at the bar..........Yes, alcohol....MUCH better.

But getting to the concert!

Uffe was wearing his white torn pants and a grey sleeveless shirt. Morten had on his nice horizontally striped t-shirt and mossy-green pants.

It is hard to find words to describe how incredible this concert was!

The crowd was unbelievable; the air was filled with joy and excitement towards Safri Duo and Uffe and Morten gave it all back, with a knock-out performance!

It was truly a fantastic experience. The crowd was hyped, but there was room for everyone. No pushing, no shoving, just a Hell of a good time.

While waiting for the show to begin, we had talked about, that maybe Morten and Uffe were so pre-occupied with the huge Jarre event, that they would be a bit..."absent" this night.

But shame on us! Of course Safri Duo gave all they had! In fact, they played with such passion and energy, that Bredebro couldn´t help getting caught in the Safri Duo fever!!

Also Uffe and Morten were doing a bit of entertainment!

Uffe was dancing around throwing water at the crowd. The first time he missed us, but the second time.....Thank you, Uffe; Bull´s Eye!

Morten talked about Samb-Adagio convincing us all, that Adagio is Italian for "DANG, YOU ALL LOOK GREAT FROM UP HERE!" (we have been misled...we thought it meant "slow!") Thanks a lot Morten. But hey, it´s always easy looking great in Johnny´s lighting!

After the show, we asked a security guard if Safri Duo was signing autographs in The Safri shop, because we had some fan mail (from Maribo and all the way from Japan)? The security guard told us, that Morten and Uffe had already left the arena.

So we decided to stop by Anja at the Safri Shop later and pass it on to her.

But now it was time for our free drinks, so we went to the bartender and told her, that we were the girls from Moen.

She asked us how many we were and we said 2. (Dang, we should have said 12, then we wouldn´t have had to buy drinks the entire evening!)

We also asked her where we could find Birgit, because we wanted to thank her for the introduction.

We were guided to a door at the end of the arena, so off we went.

A security guard was standing in the way and we asked him about Birgit. Suddenly someone came up to Bente from behind and pushed her inside with the words: "You two just go inside." Bente was getting ready to turn around and say: "Hey, don´t push me around, big fella!" But then she saw, that it was "The Main Man" Torben Toft, and she decided just to say "hi" and smile. Clever move!

Then we discovered the sign on the door saying "No entrance" and Morten Friis standing next to us, and we suddenly realized: Hey, this must be the dressing room area!

So we asked Torben about their trip to Asia and the upcoming Jarre concert. We also gave him the fan mail to pass on to Uffe and Morten.

Then Morten came up to us and said hi, and Bente felt the urge to show him our brand new Safri tattoos!

Nickie was a bit hesitant, but she wasn´t really asked, so Morten inspected a bit of skin!

He seemed a bit overwhelmed but honored by this manifestation of our devotion and support.

Then he said goodbye and left for the dressing room.

And then it was time to party!

But before getting too plastered we stopped by Anja at the Safri Shop and had a chat and told her to greet Tina, who was absent in Bredebro. Those girls are just really really sweet. It´s a bit of a shame that we see them so seldom, and for such a short time.

Finally we found Birgit and told her, that it was a great evening and that this Bredebro concert had truly earned a spot on our "Top 10 List"

And then we partied.

And then we partied some more.

Party, party, party....

The music was really great; they played some cool 80´s music, which we really enjoyed.

About 95% of the guests decided to use this opportunity to go to the toilet, which was great for us, because we had left some fliers for The Safri Zone in there.

They went like hot cakes!

Just like in Gram we also had a lot of fun sending unreadable messages to Sisanne on the mobile phone, and this time we actually noticed when the party ended!

We called Lars, who picked us up.

He asked us if we were drunk and we said: "NO! Of course not! But as we, 5 minutes later, were rolling around on the backseat of the car, laughing like mad, he began to wonder.....

Arriving at cousin Conni´s house, we got the childrens´ room and to our horror, we noticed:

A bunk bed!

Those things are damn hard to mount when you are drunk, and when you wake up way too early, because you have to visit the little girl´s room, they are also pretty impossible to dismount! -Especially when you get your right leg caught between the bed and the book shelf.

Just take Bente´s word for it!

Also for the first time in 23 years, Bente had to sleep with the lights on.

Not because she was afraid of the dark, but because the room wouldn´t stop spinning when the lights were out!

Damn those Bacardi Lemons!

Finally we fell asleep, dreaming of the two Safri Duo adventures the next day.

Walkathon, Århus, Saturday the 7th of September 2002

"Oh my God, I can´t believe it´s yogurt!"

We woke up after a night of partying and discovered that a squirrel apparently had been curled up inside our mouths! Well, it sure tasted like it!!!

We drove to Uncle Ove and Aunt Marga and had breakfast and discovered, that their little grand son was pretty upset about the fact, that we would rather drive on to see Safri Duo than play with him!

Sorry, Phillip,...we´ve got the Safri bug real bad.......

So off we went to Aarhus to see Safri Duo close the Walkathon 2002, which is a charity marathon sponsored by Ecco and several other sponsors.

467.500 Danish kroner were "walked in" that day!

Safri Duo came on stage at about 4pm and it´s worth mentioning, that it rained until Uffe and Morten made their entry. Then the weather cleared right up!!!

Uffe was wearing his sleeveless Action shirt and his nice faint blue pants. Morten came on stage wearing blue jeans and his grey tie-dye long-sleeved shirt.

Compared with the audience in Bredebro, the response from the crowd in Aarhus was a bit more subdued.

Maybe they were tired from the walkathon....or maybe surprised by the pure genius going on, on stage? We have sure been known to get lost in the beat from time to time.

Uffe had some great announcements!

First of all, he mentioned, that Safri Duo will perform "Sweet Freedom" at Top of the Pops in London,....with Michael McDonald singing live! This is a pretty big deal, since Uffe and Morten haven´t actually met Michael before. AYE CARAMBA!!!

Then he said: "Congratulations to Nickie and Bente, who are at their 26th Safri Duo concert today!"

He even pointed out where we were standing, so everybody could have a peek at the nutty fans!

Geez, just when we think, he can´t surprise us anymore........

Thanks Uffe!

Morten announced that Denmark was leading in the soccer match against Norway, and Uffe commented, that he already knew that, but that he couldn´t remember, who we were playing against!

Well, he´s more a tennis kinda bloke....

Once again we simply have to compliment Johnny on the great lighting, especially during "Everything." He really does a great job.

It´s incredible how he is able to completely bring the lights in sync with the music.

Just before Safri Duo left the stage, Uffe announced that they were driving on to Aalborg and the Jean Michel Jarre concert, where they were going to perform with The Man Himself. He ensured us all that it was going to be pretty incredible.

We had a feeling it would.

Then we went for Frozen Yogurt at 7 eleven, and had a pit stop in the verge on our way to Aalborg for a "Frozen Yogurt break."

-And just as we were peacefully enjoying our time out - WROOOOOOOOM, Safri Duo came speeding by us in their Safri Mobile!!

We tried to convince Lars to drop his frozen yogurt and commence the ultimate car chase, but he didn´t share the enthusiasm, and quietly continued enjoying his snack (after telling us to shut up and calm down).

So they beat us to Gammel Vraa Enge and our next Safri Duo adventure.

Jean Michel Jarre, Gammel Vraa Enge, Saturday the 7th of September 2002

"Stargate...another dimension"

Driving down the highway on our way to the Jean Michel Jarre concert, we overtook several busses also going to the Jarre event, and when we reached Gammel Vraa there was a huge traffic jam.

There being only one road to the concert and 39.000 people going to the event, it just had to cause problems.

So Lars kicked us out of the car about 3 kilometres from the Jarre site, and we started walking along side other pedestrians, cars, busses, name it, we walked by it!

The Jarre concert had "Aero - Tribute to the Wind" as a theme, and therefore the concert was held at a wind mill park. And where was this wind mill park at? Right in a meadow,...of course!

It had been raining pretty heavy, so we skipped and jumped desperately trying to avoid the puddles.....if we only knew, what was in store...

The gates were supposed to open at 3pm, but when we finally reached the entrance at 8.20pm, there was a gigantic queue. Again there was only one entrance so it took a while getting in, and when we finally entered, the whole area was one big muddy hole already filled up with people.

We have never seen puddles this deep, and believe us, as kindergarten teachers, we have been on a few muddy field trips!!

So...nothing to do, but dive in and find ourselves a spot. We made it halfway to the stage and camped on a mud rise near one of the stage screens, which had a striking similarity to the transportation device in the movie "Stargate"

(We kinda expected James Spader to jump out at any minute, but that didn´t happen!...Hrmf!....)

Jarre came on stage 20 minutes late, and did a fabulous show.

We are not die-hard Jarre fans, but we must admit, that it was a unique experience seeing the fire works, the lid up wind mills and the light show in combination with Jarre´s music.

Bente had a nostalgic trip down memory lane and announced, that she still finds him a tiiiiny bit cute.

Suddenly something appeared in the horizon, moving in on the concert ground......RAIN.

Lots of rain.

It minute, then everything was completely soaked. If we thought the ground was muddy before, it was nothing compared to what it became. If you didn´t move you feet around, you would sink in so deep, that it was almost impossible to get free.

Now we were REALLY cheering for Safri Duo to come on stage!!

Then there was a short break in the show, (where a lot of people decided to call it a night), and we had a laugh coming up with French words describing the weather. The fun part being, that we don´t speak French at all.

While waiting Bente announced, that should she ever get the chance to meet Jarre she would woo him, with the one sentence she knows in French: "Un Cheval, s´il vous plait".

Returning to the stage, Jarre finally announced "Yffe and Morten from Safri Dy!"....loved the accent! C",)

Then we were two ecstatic Safri Duo fans! They played "Aero" and "Rendez-Vous 4" with Jarre and they did an i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e job. We felt so proud seeing them on stage with one of the biggest performers in the world,...but then again...who else than Safri Dy could match the music of Jean Michel Jarre?

When Safri Duo left the stage, we decided to head for the only exit before the concert ended. But sadly a lot of people got the same idea, so we got stuck right outside the exit, and we almost went down.

People were beginning to realize that it would take hours to get out, so they started getting a bit panicky.

The concert ground was surrounded by deep ditches, everything was dark and the small road leading to the main road was a chaos of cars, pedestrians, ambulances, military police, motorbikes etc....., all desperately trying not to get stuck in the mud. It was a miracle, that no one was severely injured!

We phoned Lars, who had parked The Purple Lightning on the entrance road to the highway, so we agreed to meet him there.

Safely back in the car, we talked about the concert, and Lars, who had watched the show from a distance, said, that the whole show had been a tremendous experience also from afar.

We totally agreed, and said that the lid up wind mills had been really beautiful; just a shame about the rain and mud.

So we thought up a new theme for Jean Michel Jarre´s next visit in Denmark:

"Dryo - A Tribute to the Sun (and asphalt!)"

The drive home was terribly, terribly long...especially for Lars, who was driving. It was pretty neat, that he wanted to drive us all this way, because it had been impossible for us to find sleeping arrangements in the North of Jutland due to the Jarre event.

We didn´t reach Stege before 8am where we then went straight to bed, dreaming about the GREAT Safri Duo adventures, we had just experienced! What a weekend!

Del siden