Release Party, Pakhus 11, Copenhagen, Sunday the 28th of September 2003
".......Hello, Mr. Anderson....."

9 months we waited.
9 months of just hanging around...just...waiting....and waiting for Safri Duo to release their next album. And what do they do? They schedule their release party at the exact weekend we (The Safri Zone) were packing our stuff and moving to a larger location!!
So what to do?
-Let our mums do the packing and jump on a train, because it had been 9 (NINE!!!!) months bongoes!

At Pakhus 11 we met up with Thomas Hendrix, his wife Lone and the Spanish translator from, Brigitta. We were kinda exited and had chosen to let this day be the premiere for our brand new sponsored digital camera!! And to be fairly modest it is safe to say that Bente is pretty wicked with the digi camera! Or at least she knows how to delete pictures of the floor and ceiling and swear at the same time.
Anyway! Safri Duo appeared on stage with a new edition to the stage musicians: Andy Treacey on drums and Clark Anderson doing the vocals. And not to forget the good ol´ lads Peter Buch and Mads Storm!

Morten was wearing a black see-through thingy, that made us go "say a´what??!" and beige pants. Uffe was
wearing a white sleeveless shirt, a blue sleeveless jacket and brown vertically striped pants.

They basically played all the tracks off the new album, and some of the oldies but goodies like Played-a-Live and Samb-Adagio. Clark Anderson came on stage to do the vocal on Sweet Freedom and let's just say, that he took the song to an amazing new level!! He truly knows how to sing a Safri song!

It had been possible for fans to win tickets for the event through Danish radio so there were about a 100 fans attending the concert. Peculiarly enough most of them went home directly after the concert......what? Didn´t they know, that if you just wait a while...maybe visit the ladies room....get lost in the wardrobe....goof around.....Uffe and Morten will often appear to write an autograph or two.....or 300?
Then it hit us! First the sneakin´ horror of realizing the grave mistake..and then the shame of attending 30 Safri concerts....and now..actually forgetting not only a pencil but also autograph paper! Shame on us, we had lost touch of the Safri fever!!!

While waiting for Safri Duo we met a Safri fan, whom we also met last Summer and again we totally forgot to get her name! It was nice seeing her and luckily we were able to answer her Safri questions!
We briefly said hello to Annette, Safri Duo's personal assistant, who was a busy little bee that night. Then we met our favorite producer....Michael Parsberg, who asked us what we thought of the new album, and of course we lied like mad and said: "Cheers mate, we love it!"
Nooooooo, we didn't lie...we just came right out and said it stunk!
Whahahaaa, no of course not. If it's by Safri Duo....we love it!!
We also had a chat with his very nice girlfriend, which is always a pleasure!!

When Uffe and Morten came out they had brought a our luck! We shredded a map of how to get home for them to write on and got in the shortest queue we have even been in, to get Safri Duo autographs.
We had a talk with Morten about The Safri Zone and his missing fact file......him claiming that he is actually working on it........Uffe claiming that he is not. But no problem, we´ll just be patient or maybe next time we meet him, we could try offering to fill it out for him; -His favourite hobbies no doubt being Dutch Clog-dancing and lobster breeding!

Uffe was kind enough to introduce us to his wife Tanja, who mentioned that she had heard a lot about us. (Whaaaat? Has Uffe been bragging?) We felt a bit honored that he felt like introducing us to his better half.
On our way out, we just had to interrupt Clark and ask for an autograph. He mentioned that he had been a bit nervous, but we assured him, that he was really awesome on stage. He thanked us for showing up, which was kinda amusing since we always show up. But how was he supposed to know?
He seemed very nice and we look forward to seeing and hearing him again on the tour.

Even with a shredded map covered in autographs, we managed to get to Ishoej. Yes, it was a "lend dad´s apartment"-trip, and dad had successfully managed to exit the building before our arrival. Apparently he can still remember what it´s like having 2 hyped Safri Duo fans in the house and not being a fan´s just no fun.

Of course we got up really early the next day due to the fact, that the music store opened an hour earlier on this day. And this day being "3.0"-day, we could get our hands on the CD before going back home to Moen!
Reaching the store, the dude behind the desk claimed not to have "3.0" yet (oh, he was playing with his life that morning in September...), but the store manager saved his life by knowing that they had it in stock and raced to get it for us. Oh yeah, that´s the right Safri spirit!

Train, Aarhus, Wednesday the 12th of November 2003"
"Mr. Coco-Adagio feeling pretty unappreciated!!!"

Train marked the beginning of the Danish part of the Safri tour.
After 3 1/2 hours of traveling we met up with Bj the Dj at Aarhus station. He had kindly volunteered to pick us up and drive us to the Get In motel, where we were spending at least some part of the night as we were traveling home at 4.30 am. We thought this was really courteous of him.........but...... now we think it was just to show off his new, cool car!
At Get In we had the quickest change of clothes ever and then it was off to get a bite to eat. We have a tendency to end up in a Mexican restaurant and this night was no exception. Poor Bj...we apologize for, once again, making him eat spicy food....

At Train we met Randi, a devoted fan, and member of The Safri Zone Newsletter Group and Lea, who wasn't a member then, but is now!

Safri Duo came on stage filled with energy and started off the show with "Prelude". Uffe was wearing really nice grey pants with a pattern and a white t-shirt with a red "Fast Panther" print.

Morten had on khaki pants, a white sleeveless shirt and his see-through thingy. And not forgetting Morten´s new sporadically bleached hair!! He was hip and happening and the show was exceptionally loaded with so much energy that we would had been blown away hadn't we held on to the fence for dear life!!

After the release party in September, we had been a bit sad to see, that Higher Love hadn't made it to the new set list, but we forgive them after seeing Morten´s performance in "Moonwalker", sliding across the stage on his knees and doing a little dance on the way back to his drums! Thank you, Mr. Friis! -More of that!!!

Mr. Funky aka Clark Anderson brings a totally new angle to the Safri show, which now includes an amazing powerful voice and some sassy moves that make us all crave for a cigarette!!! (and we don't even smoke!)

It is safe to say that "Laarbasses" is one of our absolute favorite live-tracks. The stage is totally electric during that number; it feels like being absorbed by light, sound and energy, leaving us all completely wall-eyed!

Sadly the show ended (they really ought to skip that part) and we waited for the guys to come out and write autographs. Clark had also joined the "autograph-signing" team and was handing back autographs reading names aloud. He remembered us from The Safri Zone and we cashed in a group hug. Thank you Clark!!

After saying "see ya" to Bj, we spent a few hours at Get In before being picked up by a taxi at 3.45, which drove us to the train station....Sometimes the weirdest things occur to us, because there we were, being entertained by a young man serenading us with Savage Garden love songs at 4.15 in the morning! How did he know we were Savage Garden fans? And... is there a better way to start off the day??

On the train, Bente thought she would use the opportunity of being trapped on a train to get some sleep before going to work at 9.30 am.
But no...because Nickie thought she would use the opportunity of being trapped on a train to entertain Bente all the freakin´ way home!! Luckily enough she didn't do a shadow figure show, which is otherwise custom for having a good time in Aarhus! (See Groen Concert in Aarhus)

After a fairly long day at work and 41 hours since our last nap, we pretty much passed out Thursday night, leaving our poor cat Coco-Adagio feeling pretty much unappreciated. But hey...he just used the opportunity to roam the house and attack the toilette paper (thank you Coco).....

Not forgetting.....we promised Uffe to take a picture of their new cool tour bus, inhabited by 12 people.
So for your viewing pleasure:

Magasinet, Odense, Friday the 14th of November 2003
"Love them nachos!"

It was off to Odense, and there we were, cruising in the Purple Lightning, Lars recruited as driver, singing along to the 3.0 tape, that Nickie had made while Bente was at work. Strangely enough "Laarbasses" turned out to appear as every second song on the tape and we are sure, that this is not the case on the CD! How did that happen, Nickie? Well, Bente is still waiting for an answer to that question. ("All in good time, Bente...all in good time.")

At 6.15 pm we arrived and we went searching for a restaurant. On our way we passed Magasinet and spotted Clark in the window. We thought about lining up and doing a blow fish each in his honour....but as we all know, no one is all that pretty doing this, and we didn't want to spook him, so we gave him a rain cheque on that one.

Lars left to meet up with a friend (oh my God, he turned down a Safri Duo concert!!) so we were on our own, and blimey, right around the corner there was a....Mexican restaurant!!!
We entered Cafe Oscar and ordered 2 rounds of Nachos! After 50 minutes we were still waiting for them nachos and our anticipation grew as we concluded: The longer the waiting time,-the better the nachos!
But this wasn't the case.
In fact the conclusion was: The longer the waiting time,-the scorched the nachos!!!
It was a sad, sad day for Mexican food...
When we left the restaurant we got the compliments of our lives (....), from 3 members of Odense Golf Club, who had a get-together in the restaurant: "Well, aren't you two just a pair of naughty little numbers?"

In the queue to Magasinet people were talking about whether it was allowed to take pictures, so Bente decided to ask the man at the door, who said, "I don't think so, but you'd better ask inside".
So we asked the man in the info, who said, "I don't think so, but you'd better ask the man in charge"
So we asked the man in charge, who said, "You'd better not".
Finding our way to the front row, we decided to ask a security guard the "photo-question" since Uffe and Morten usually don't mind that we flash them. -If you know what we mean!!
And he answered, "Sure, that should be ok", so COOL, it was hereby allowed!

Then it was time to bongo, and Uffe appeared wearing a beige t-shirt and the nicely fitted grey pants. Morten had on beige pants and a new yellow sleeveless shirt.
A sleeveless shirt?
Yes, indeed Morten Friis was wearing a sleeveless shirt, and we were standing there, looking at him, thinking: "Why the heck has he been hiding those brown, muscular arms from us all this time?!!" (Shame on you, Morten!!)

Everyone was giving it just a tad extra and when Clark performed the ballad "Walking Away" it was a nice mellow break-off and shows the diversity of his voice. There is no doubt in our minds: Safri Duo couldn't have found a more perfect vocalist!!

We thought that the concert in Aarhus was mind-blowing......but this was......Well, no sense in trying to describe it, since no such words exist!
Instead let's explain it this way: When we travel around Denmark, spend hours on trains, get no sleep and spend way too much money, our friends sometimes tell us that we are crazy and ask us, why we go through all this trouble?
It's sometimes really hard to explain to them in words, but when we stand in the light, surrounded by the sound of drums and we can feel the rhythm deep in our hearts we know the answer.
And this night, in Odense, we only wished that they all could have been there with us......because then they too would have known the answer.

Safri Duo are not in the department of disappointing their fans, so of course they appeared to sign autographs. We had a small talk with both Uffe, Morten and Clark before meeting up with Lars and heading for Moen once again; looking forward to Vega and the last concert in Denmark this time around.

Vega, Copenhagen, Sunday the 16th of November 2003
"Missing: One blue piggy bank"

We left Moen early afternoon and reached Ishoej at 5pm. Yes, it was a "stay a night in Nickie´s dad's apartment" trip. This time around he had promised to be home, but when we arrived: Nope, papa wasn't in!
Guess he bailed on us once again, but had left a note wishing the brats (would that be us?!) a great concert.

Not going for Mexican food this time, we tried Chinese.
This time we didn't wait long for the food, but it was a sad, sad day for Chinese......
It just goes to show, that fast ain´t always better!

We found Vega, which went without complications, because we have been there many times before. No wrong turns, just a bit late, which Pernille, a Safri Zone Newsletter member kindly held against us when she spotted us. She never believed she would ever arrive at a Safri concert before us. Won't happen again, Pernille.....won't happen again....

Just before the show, Safri Duo's webmaster Thomas appeared, handing out some hugs and we had a short chat before the Guests of Honour arrived on stage. Yes, indeed Safri Duo was in the house.
For our viewing pleasure Morten was wearing his beige pants, a white sleeveless shirt and see-through thingy. Uffe had on the grey pants and a yellow t-shirt.

It was a hot-diggy-di-tju-bang-mama-kick-ass concert!
The lights were brilliant! Especially the blue light on Uffe and Morten during "Walking Away".
We have to emphasize that Clark doing "Sweet Freedom" is something completely out of the ordinary. The amount of sound coming from that guy is just overwhelming. This night he was actually down on one knee - gotta love it!!
It's really fascinating watching the Safri show. No matter where they play they are always giving it 110%. Apart from hitting the drums like crazy, Uffe and Morten also jump around on stage hyping the crowd.
And by the way: Thank you, Uffe, for bringing your adorable dance to the new show!! (Has someone been reading the Spiffylicious section?)

Lucky for us Uffe damaged a drum stick, which he kindly handed to us. We have wished for one for a while so thank you so much Uffe; it goes perfectly with the drum skin from last year. Could we perhaps pre-order a pair of bongos and a cow bell to go along with it?
(-Nooo, just kidding).

The live version of "Laarbasses" bears the hallmark of genius!! The stage totally explodes and the "sassy-ness" of that number........DAMN!
Sadly all sassy-Safri-ness must come to an end, so the guys just left us all standing there, with goofy smiles. The audience atmosphere was really positive, people hugging, smiling, wanting to buy our drum stick, and slowly moving toward the Safri shop where Safri were to appear with Clark to write autographs.

We talked for a while with Michael Parsberg, who was taking notes from the show. He asked us whether we had found the show a bit too funky, which we ensured him that we hadn't. A Safri show could never get too funky!

Apparently the crew in Vega had planned an early night, so if you wanted an autograph you'd better get a move on, preferably collecting your jacket before getting in the Safri queue!
Afro Deo was in the house (a Safri cover band) also in line for an autograph, and they had a talk with Uffe and Morten. Could the talk have been about drums?

We walked up to Uffe and handed him our 3.0 covers to get them signed. He started scraping on the dark spot on the covers with a puzzled face and said that it looked as if there was an ink spot on our CD´s!! We reassured him, that it's supposed to be there and figures on all 3.0 covers.
He wrote "Big hugs" on them, and we pointed out, that writing this would mean, that he had to carry it into action!! Lucky for us, he is a man of action, so hugged we got! Thanks a million, Uffe!
Of course we also got Morten´s autograph. Lucky for us, he is a man of great tolerance, so he didn't even give us a tired face, when we, again, reminded him of the fact file? He said, that he would look at it, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Then we returned to Nickie´s dad's apartment, and discovered that the kitchen cupboards actually play the intro for The Bongo Song if you smack them so hard that they close, re-open and close! Fascinating cupboards, but probably a good thing that dad wasn't in....because he might not have found it all that fascinating........

For once we had taken a day off, so returning home on Monday afternoon, we discovered that we had been robbed!! Yes, indeed, a burglar had been in the Safri Zone home, breaking a window, turning everything upside down, scaring Coco-Adagio, but luckily only stealing our piggy bank. (How was he to know, that since we became Safri fans, it has been almost empty?)

We can assure you all, that having an armed cop and a scruffy-looking glazier in your house isn't half as exciting as being at a Safri Duo concert!

Stjerne for en Aften, TV-byen, Friday the 28th of November 2003
"Just? Just what?"

For the first time in "On tour with the Girls" history, the trains were not on our side. It was impossible to make it to TV-Byen in time for the live broadcast of the talent show Stjerne for en Aften, without Bente calling in a fake sick day, and her being very conscientious, we were lucky that Nickie´s mum understands the trouble and dilemmas of being a Safri fan! So she volunteered to drive us to Vordingborg, so we could catch an earlier train!
That meant that we arrived at TV-Byen half an hour earlier than scheduled!!

Walking to the receptionist, we announced that we were part of the audience for "Stjerne for en Aften" and the witty receptionist said: "Man......have you actually bought a ticket to that crap?", to which we responded: "Nope, actually not. We are invited." The receptionist smiled: "Oh, now it makes a lot more sense!"

Then we were escorted to the studio, by a young loud-speaking man named Just, and outside the studio the service was great......white wine, sodas, beer, coffee, tea, cookies and chips. (Had we known then, that we weren't allowed to leave the studio for the next 3 hours, we probably wouldn't have drained our glasses of wine....)
Feeling just a tad woozy, we entered the studio and found a couple of seats not surrounded by cameras (to the great annoyance of our families and friends, who were all watching the show that night!)

Before the show we were entertained by a comedian, who gave us the do´s and don'ts of being on live television. (What?!...3 hours without picking our nose?! You've got to be kidding!!??) Apparently it was also not allowed to moon the camera? Man...we were in for a long night......
Then the show started and it was really fun being a part of it all. The artists were really talented and gave it all they had. And then.....the break......which meant: Safri Duo!!!

During the break, Uffe and Morten came out to check their drums and it was like the good ol´ days from the first tour, when Safri used to do the sound check themselves....aaaaaaah, the good ol´ days.......
Safri Duo played "All the People" and also did a laarbasses edition of "Sweet Freedom", which was pretty cool!!
And not forgetting: Morten wore the sleeveless yellow shirt!!! Oh yes, Morten....and now we have it on tape, forever and ever!!!
The rest of the show kinda went over our heads, since we were in our usual Safri Duo fog, but it was an exciting final, where our favorites went to the grand finale the following week.

Then we left the studio and whom did we meet outside in the hall: Safri Duo!!
After being to a few Safri concerts, we know that it can always pay off to have a camera along, and this night was no exception. After having a short chat, we had our pictures taken and we wished them a great trip to Indonesia.

Then we speeded to the After party Buss, which luckily was still waiting for slow boat audience members. At the After party we found a couch, where we could sip our free drink and check out the young, rich and famous (and the Bold and the Beautiful?) Later that night we began to feel a bit peckish, but nothing a 7 Eleven pizza slice couldn't take care of, so we left Park Café.

We spent the night in Ishoej, since we had an appointment with one Mr. Anderson the next day at noon.

The Eksperimentarium, Copenhagen, Denmark, 23rd of March 2004
"We'll always have Paris....."

The Science center The Eksperimentarium had a competition for school kids in Denmark and Sweden, where sound was the main factor. And today, on the 23rd of March, all the competitors had been invited to the center and the winners were announced.
So...what did that have to do with The Safri Zone?......
Well, who else to give away the awards than our very own favorite sound magicians.....(Drum roll, if you please): Safri Duo!!

So we caught a bus at 7.30 am and headed towards Copenhagen and The Eksperimentarium!! Bente claimed that she had been there before....which didn't show at all, because we found ourselves lost and had to ask for directions. Bugger that....
What we in fact hadn't noticed was, that we were standing right next to the entrance under a HUGE banner with the words: Eksperimentarium!!
So we stood, like, 5 feet away from the entrance asking someone's kind grand dad:

"Excuse us, but we seem to have trouble locating The Eksperimentarium?"

Safe to say, that he looked kinda surprised, but decided to smile and say:

"Well,...ehm.... you're here...."


That wasn't embarrassing at all, so we hurried inside and went straight to the ticket stand, from where we could see Uffe and Morten´s drums on the platform leading to the different exhibitions. The kind young man at the ticket stand handed us the tickets and said:

"Man, are you in for a treat by coming here today! If you look towards the stairs you can see some drums....guess who is playing in half an hour?......It's SAFRI DUO!!!"
We kinda burst his bubble by saying that we already knew. Sorry....

Since we had half an hour we went to the Bug Exhibition......and believe us: The lice are BIG this year!!!!!

Half an hour later we were standing in the foyer ready for Safri Duo. They came down the stairs and started out with some STOMP including the audience. Let's just face it...we are not the best "stompers" in the world.
Hey, it went just fine with Uffe and Morten clapping us in the right direction, but when they stopped and starting hitting the drums, thereby leaving us poor folk to clap the sequence alone.......oh my.......
And when they arranged it so we had to clap in rounds...oh sweet mama....
Let's just leave the funky rhythms to Safri Duo!!

Then they gave away the awards, the first prize being a trip to Paris (nice...) and then it was time for a mini concert. They started out with "Crazy Benny", to Crazy Bente´s extreme delight! They finished off with Played-a-Live.
Though they only played 2 songs it was awesome seeing them again and they did an outstanding job!

After the show we had a chat with Uffe and Morten, and Thomas Hendrix, who was there taking pictures for, took our picture!

Then we went for coffee with Thomas and talked about the cool show.
Afterwards we went to check out the submitted features for the competition...damn, the kids had really been creative!!!

We didn't feel like going home just yet, so we ended up at the cinema watching "Gothika"!!!! We had been told by a friend, that it was a pretty spooky movie; we of course did not take his word for it, but instead had to go check it out ourselves. He was right, it IS a spooky movie! But spooky in a good way, you know....grappling your seat in fear...listening to everyone in the cinema cry out in´s simply divine....or is that just us?

Hoege Boege Open Air, Svendborg, Saturday the 8th of May 2004
”Get off the r-o-o-o-o-o-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d!!!!”

This was quite a special and exciting trip for us, because we were not traveling to the event via bus or train. And we hadn't made plans for anyone to drive us.
And The Purple Lightning was not going on tour.
Instead the metallic green Safrizone Mobile was going on it's first trip out on the road to see Safri Duo.
And furthermore: Bente was behind the wheel!!!!

Aaah yes, what better way to pass time between Safri Duo tours than getting a driver's license and a car!!!!
Of course we will miss the endless nights waiting on train stations after the shows, but……oh, wait…
No, we won't!!!
All though a big shout out goes to Ringsted Station, which has kept us warm for many nights.

Well, getting back to the tour report!
Since this was our first trip alone in a car, Bente´s mom had found us a driver's guide to the festival, longer than the queue to The Safri Shop at the Groen Concert in Aarhus. It was quite effective, though it had us speeding around on one way streets all through Svendborg, when there, in fact, was a direct route to the festival ground!! Hmmm…, what was that all about?
Still, Bente truly got to try out the 1st and 2nd gear navigating on the small narrow streets. We did not hit anything, we are proud to inform you all!
And its also worth mentioning that it wasn't just raining……it was pouring down all the way to Svendborg.

Entering the festival ground, we went straight to the front row.
The band before Safri Duo was a local band, which we thought was named All About Alex.
Well, it was a good thing, that we didn't say that out loud, because we soon after realized, that their name was Acting Like Alex and that they were a very popular band. So if we had said All About Alex, we are pretty sure that the locals had opened a can of whoop-ass! They were serious fans and we noticed that all the girls kept screaming for a dude called Ulrik. When Ulrik appeared half an hour later, we kinda understood what the screaming was all about……´cause he was smoking! And the band was a fairly great cover band….worth seeing again for sure!!

So as usual we were expecting the rain to stop right after Acting Like Alex had left the stage, because as we all know: The sun always shines on a bongo girl!!
Guess the new tour comes with new rules, because it simply wouldn't stop raining, and to top it all off, the roof over the stage ended right above the people in the front row, so the water running over the edge, hit us right on the mug. We're sure we'll laugh about that…in about 10-15 years.

Then the lads arrived on stage! Uffe was wearing his neon painted white pants, a blue sleeveless shirt and a white jacket. Morten was wearing blue jeans, a sleeveless Bruce Lee shirt, and a black jacket.

Clark ”Beckham” Anderson was showing off his new hairstyle, bearing remarkable resemblance to one famous British soccer player, hence the nickname.

Andy wasn't in the house, but was replaced by a blond guy, whose name we didn't really catch, because the sound wasn't too perfect. Which sadly also made it quite difficult hearing Clark go berserk in ”Sweet Freedom”, ooooh, the pain of missing out on that!!

Safri Duo had also brought with them a brand new set of drums all being silver colored, making us go ”eh?”, and wondering if Danish Tinfoil Company is sponsoring the new tour? Haha, no, just kidding; it looked really good, especially with the great light show.

To our immense delight the guys had prepared a brand new show, with a few surprises!! They were doing a bit of STOMP, which included Clark. (Well, they didn't do the STOMP on Clark; he was participating!) It looked so amazing seeing them side by side, playing on what looked like broomsticks and it sounded really, really awesome!

And speaking of ”side by side”, we cannot leave out the small detail of Uffe and Morten playing together side by side on Uffe´s drums. There was a moment, when they looked at each other, and knowing their history, passion and hard work, just looked so beautiful, . …….well ok, maybe it's a girl thing, but it just brought out tears in our eyes, … though we didn't already have enough water on our faces!

The new show demands for Uffe and Morten to move around on stage more, which means, that apart from going nuts on the drums, they run around on stage, doing STOMP, switching places and also playing in the center of the stage.
The guys were really spunky, Morten having a watchful eye on the crowd, hyping us and making sure that we were all getting into the groove. We found it fairly difficult clapping with our frozen hands cramping up due to the cold rain……still, we did our best!
Oh, we must have looked so ugly, with goofy smiles, monster hands, raincoats and wet hair sticking to our faces. Gotta love us!

Sadly ”Walking Away” hadn't made it to the new show, but the concert finished off with a cover version of Knock on Wood, and they were all performing 112%; totally awesome!! Again the concert was over WAY too fast, leaving us all wanting more drums!
The new show was vividly discussed on the way home, where we decided to ignore the travel guide and skip the one way streets (yes, we are the youth gone wild!!)(Or…just….gone wild..)(or…just…gone).

Soenderborg, Wednesday the 19th of May, 2004
"Ginger BJ Spice"

Apart from being late out the door, our driver's guide turned out to be quite antique. Which kinda gave us some problems finding the bed and breakfast on the island Als.
Apart from not being up-to-date on new traffic circles, it also included a trip by ferry, although we have a perfectly good bridge to solve the problem with crossing the waters!
So we had to find the way ourselves, which meant taking a few wrong turns, which again also let us to almost run out of fuel!!
We were beginning to get a bit panicky, so we decided to stop at a fuel station and ask for directions. And of course get some fuel for The Safrizone Mobile.-While being observed by an older guy, who apparently thought it was really interesting looking at girls at gas stations (maybe he was a member of ZZ Top?).

A kind man at the station gave us perfect directions, so we jumped in the car and got ready to leave the parking lot to get on our way.
Suddenly a red car blocked our way and we had to make a hard stop not to hit it!
As it passed us, we suddenly realized, that the car was missing a driver!
We were actually sitting there thinking: "A-what...a ghost car?".
Didn't even cross our minds, that somebody might have forgotten to pull the emergency brake before leaving the car?
Well, the car continue on to the pavement before hitting the fuel station sign with a huge KA-POW!
And then the owner of the car came speeding by, realizing that he might not be driving the car home that day.
It took us a few minutes to realize, that had we left the fuel station a few seconds earlier the car would not have passed us, would have hit us. Wouldn't that have been a tragic end to our 3 day Safri Concert Marathon?

We found our way to our Bed and Breakfast in Augustenborg on Als, and had one of our quick changes of clothes, before meeting up with BJ the DJ in Soenderborg.
The arena in Soenderborg was really cool....looking like an ancient Roman amphitheatre, making us think of Coliseum and the movie Gladiator. Sadly Russell Crowe wasn't the supporting act, this job was given to Papkasse Show, who gave an entertaining performance. Especially when they pulled BJ on stage, making him part of a boy band! That was hilarious!!

We also scored a free calendar (because they thought we were cute) of Papkasse Show posing in the nude, making us go "Niiiiiiiice!" Man, those guys are nuts! (No part intended, whahahahaaaaaa!!!)

About 45 minutes later Safri Duo entered the stage, making us all go: "A-HVA?!" The guys were wearing suits, it was so cute, they almost made us cry! Again!!
And to top it all off...after playing the intro in "Prelude" they ripped off their suits and had funky outfits underneath!
Man, they were happening that night in Soenderborg!!!!!

So underneath Uffe was wearing green-like striped pants and a black Hummel shirt. Morten was wearing khaki pants and a white Hummel shirt. And not forgetting to mention his new short, brightened hair!

Another knockout show, where the guys totally captured the audience and to our extreme pleasure "Walking Away" had returned to the set list!!!!
Thank you, guys, that song is just so sad and beautiful at the same time. Magnificent song!
And speaking of magnificent songs, "Rise - Leave me Alone" really got the crowd going and "Sweet Freedom" was over the top!! When the familiar first sounds from Played-A-Live could be heard, the audience went wild!

The only bad thing about the new song in the encore "Knock on Wood" is, that the stage totally explodes in that song, so you just don't want them to leave without at least playing it 3 more times!!!! Frustrating!
OH, yeah...another bad thing about that song....once you've heard can't get it out of your head, so you just walk around singing: "Knock, knock, knock on wood, yes I better, knock, knock, knock on wood...."
And it just doesn't sound that good, when we sing it! Guess that's why it's Clark Anderson singing for Safri Duo and not us.......

After the show people gathered near the backstage fence in the hope of getting autographs. After about half an hour Safri Duo and Clark appeared to sign autographs. People got so eager, that they nearly broke down the fence!!
Sadly Safri did not have enough time to sign autographs for all the fans waiting....had they had about 20 minutes more, they would probably have made it. So there were some disappointed fans. -We were lucky to get Uffe´s autograph before he had to call it a day.

BJ was a popular guy after his stunning stage performance during Papkasse Show, but did not want to sign autographs......maybe a little early for getting star struck, buster!
We ended the day at McDonalds with Bj, where they handed out free food and afterwards we drove back to the bed and breakfast. Luckily we were the only ones staying there, which meant, that we could roam the bathroom, and laugh the house down, before passing out after a great Safri day. 

Del siden