Tuborg Open Air, Kolding, Denmark the 20th of May 2004
"Sweet Darlin´,dy-dy-dy-dy-dy...you can leave your hat on...dy-dy-dy-dy-dy-dy"..

We woke up in our fairly big room at the bed and breakfast, to the sound of the landlady making us breakfast....now that's service. And it got even better when we entered the kitchen (our own private kitchen) and saw the table.
Nickie rejoiced to the sight of hot muffins and Bente, who is an egg fanatic, went all soft when she saw a soft boiled egg! To makes thing even more perfect, Bente doesn't care much for hot muffins and Nickie doesn't like soft boiled eggs, so there was plenty to go around!!!
We had a long, relaxing breakfast and at 9.30 am, we decided that we could pass time by taking long showers (separately!!!) and relaxe, since we didn't have to be in Kolding before 5pm.
Before leaving the kitchen Nickie spotted a Info List, which said: "Departure time: 10am"
Woooops, we kinda thought departure time was at noon, so instead of relaxing we got all stressed out. But we made it...with 2 minutes to go!!

Having to leave the bed and breakfast so early meant, that we reached Kolding at 11.30am.
We remember Kolding as a lively town, but not on a holiday!! And not just because all the people were at the festival ground...the streets were really deserted. Then we decided to pass some time at a restaurant, but everything was closed or already fully booked, so we walked around and around, until we found "Stone Cafe", where we agreed to have some lunch. It turned out, that it was a sad day for Stone Cafe, so we didn't spend much time there, but decided to hang out in The Safrizone Mobile!
Now...The Safrizone Mobile is a Peugeot 106, so there's no room for dancing in there, but we did go all wild, playing games on our mobile phones for an hour!! Nickie totally ruled Space Impact and Bente beat the phone in Bantumi......it was wild, wild times that day in Kolding!!

At 3.30pm we decided to go to the festival and soon after we were waiting in line in the looooongest and slooooowest toilet queue ever!! We tell ya...the only time we wish we are men is when we are standing in toilet queues at festivals. Oh, you can literally feel yourself getting older!

We went to the front row and checked out Dodo and the Dodo´s.
Then BJ arrived with a female friend and he kindly asked if we needed to see the rest of the festival, because he could occupy our front row spots while we were gone. That was really sweet of him, but no one defends our front row spots better than us, so we kindly declined.
Then Midt om Natten came on stage...a Kim Larsen cover band, and they did a cool job on stage, and made us all ready for Safri Duo!

Luckily Safri Duo had decided to keep their little striptease act in "Prelude", which we highly appreciate!!

We know we say, that all the Safri Duo concerts are amazing...and they are!!! But sometimes.....one comes along, which is so mind-blowing and breathtaking, that it´s hard for us to describe in words.
And the concert in Kolding was one of them.

Uffe was wearing his favourite "glow-in-the-dark pants.....oh, we LIKE those pants, and a green t-shirt....he was looking good!!! (This outfit has definitely earned a spot in The Spiffylicious section!!)
Morten had on khaki-pants and a khaki t-shirt with the words: "Don´t mention the war - Love is in the air." Morten wearing that t-shirt?-You can be sure, that love is in the air...
Not forgetting Clark, who also looked amazing...one of his outfits being jeans, our favorite yellow t-shirt and a dark cap. That yellow t-shirt would look absolutely stunning with a white cap....wonder if he has one?.....we are sure he has.....

Even the weather was perfect; the sun was shining, and everything was SO amazing. The vibe from the audience and the energy from Safri, brought back memories from The Samsoe Festival. It was just out-bloody-standing!!! It was loud, it was sweet, it was Safri Duo feat. Clark Anderson at their BEST!

We have to spend a few lines on comments for the security guards: They were p-e-r-f-e-c-t!! They did not take crap from anyone, and if you had an attitude, you were outta there! Now, that's what we call security guards doing their job! Cheers, mates!

As always the concert and "Knock on Wood" left us wanting more...oh, damn, that addiction to percussion!!!
We said our goodbyes to Bj and his friend and walked right into a fight, trying to leave the festival. It's just our luck to pass by two men, who suddenly realize that they hate each other and feel like beating on each other, not giving any notice to the people around them. Men and beer is not always a good combination. Again, the security guards were on the spot and separated the two hotheads!

We had decided to drive all the way home to Moen, so "3.0" and "Episode 2" were played back to back until we reached our home at midnight, and we are proud to say that we are able to do the vocal part of "Rise" on the instrumental version to the word. It was LOUD, it was SWE - well, no it probably sounded pretty awful.
Safri Duo and Clark would have laughed their buns off, had they been in the car.
But then again...had they been in our car, there would have been no way in Hell, we would have been singing!!!
And then again.......is there actually room for Uffe, Morten and Clark in the backseat of a Peugeot 106?
Guess it all depends on how you fold them..........

Tivoli , Copenhagen, Denmark, Friday the 21st of May 2004
"What?..No cake?....."

This was "introduce the new tour to mummy and boyfriend"-day, so off we went with Bente´s mum and Nickie´s boyfriend Jacob, in The Safrizone Mobile. Before entering Tivoli, we had dinner at a café named "Hoppe´s", which is certainly worth a recommendation!!! 4 thumbs up!

3 hours before the show, people were lining up at the front row, so Bente and her mum took up spaces there, while Nickie and Jacob decided to go for a stroll around Tivoli. Since they got in line later, they took up space to the left side of the stage. So for the 2nd time in Safri Zone history Bente did not have Nickie on her left side and Nickie didn't have Bente on her right side. Oh my...it's like missing a body part!!

There was no supporting act, just straight up Safri Duo!!

After the striptease, Uffe had on the glow-in-the-dark pants (they really did him justice; as it was a night show), blue t-shirt and white Hummel shirt. Morten was wearing his Bruce Lee shirt and khaki pants.
Clark changes clothes 3 times during the show, but allow us to mention the black sleeveless shirt; that was something to remember....

Not forgetting, that this was a special night for Clark, having his mother in the audience!!!!

It's safe to say, that Bente´s mum seemed to enjoy the show; she was singing and clapping like a true Safri-fan!! Jacob isn't much of a Safri fan, though he appreciates "Fallin´ High", but he enjoyed the show and gave it 4 stars out of 6, which, coming from him, is a huge compliment!!
Oh yeah, and he really liked Uffe´s pants. Well, he ain´t the only one......

We wonder what has become of the 3rd drummer Andy, who has been a no-show on the new tour? He has been replaced by a guy named Mikkel, who seems to be enjoying himself. He always smiles so heartfelt, when he comes to the edge of the stage to take a bow.
Mads and Peter are of course, as always, doing a tremendous job, Mads looking like a man of the world, when he welcomes the cheer from the crowd after his solo in "Played-a-Live". Good on ya, Mads!

Just when we thought "Sweet Freedom" couldn't possibly get more funky, Clark decided to throw in a handful of extra "Freedoms" at the end of the song! Now it was funky-funkier-ffuunnkkiieesstt!!! After seeing Safri Duo 40 times, we still get surprised and amazed by their performance. We love those guys.

There were 52.000 people in Tivoli that night, it must have looked amazing from the stage. Safe to say it was amazing to be apart of!!

After the show, we went to the backstage area, where a lot of fans were waiting, hoping to see their idols.
We decided to hand out a couple of fliers for our Summer Party, which turned out to be easier said than done.
People looked at us and the fliers as were we handing out bags of warm pee, which meant that we had to make an info speech about the flier every time we handed one over. Then they took it with an interesting smile.
This meant, that it took us a while to finish the "handing out of fliers", which again meant, that suddenly Safri Duo had come out to sign autographs!! So in line, we got!
You need to be one lucky fan, to get Clark´s autograph, because he is there and gone again in a flash! It's probably because he needs to take care of his voice, but that also means that his female fans are pretty eager to get a spot in the front line! Trust us...you don't want to get in their way, haha...
We said a short hallo to Morten and had a small talk with Uffe, who is apparently looking forward to The Safri Zone Summer Party!! And he also congratulated us on our 40th concert. Well, isn't he a sweetie?!! We didn't have the heart to tell him, that we won't be seeing them anymore, because frankly...when you've seen them 40 times, you have pretty much seen it all.

WHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Well, we hope no-one fell for that one!! They can hose us down, steal our car (please don't.) and paint us blue....we would STILL show up. Sorry guys....guess you won't be rid of us anytime soon.....

The Zealand Festival, Slagelse Thursday the 27th of May 2004
”Bend it like Savery”

This was the 2nd time we visited the Zealand Festival, which is a festival mainly for mentally and/or physically disabled people. It was pretty much like the last time, because we also couldn't find the entrance this time around. It´s the weirdest thing… you just know it's around there somewhere, close by…you just CAN'T find the darn thing!

On our way to getting lost, we were waylaid by a festival goer, apparently having a splendid time eating parts of the lawn! He asked for Bente´s name and after answering him, she kindly asked him if the music at the festival was any good? Sadly she had trouble understanding his reply since huge chucks of grass were sticking out of his mouth. But we are pretty sure, that he wasn't impressed with the music. Still, we wished him a great afternoon, wondering if we should let him know, that by leaving now, he was missing out on the best show that day?

Finally we found the missing entrance!
Now, we had wondered about our tickets for this show, because when we ordered them through the Net, we received a big envelope with a lot of info about the festival and a piece of paper confirming, that we had bought the tickets to the show on Thursday and to which amount. And nothing else. So we thought that this confirmation had to be the ticket.
We thought wrong.
Apparently there were tickets, but it looked like someone had forgotten to put our tickets in the envelope before sealing it!!
Well, just our luck.
So this grumpy fella wanted us to prove, that this order confirmation wasn't just a fake, because even though we had a Zealand Festival envelope and the ”Welcome to the Zealand Festival” folder, he was pretty sure, that we were cheating our way in!
Luckily his colleague was on our side, so we were let in, accompanied by the reassurance that ”this matter was surely going to be thoroughly investigated!!
Knock yourself out, Clousseau!!

We had a look around the festival ground and discovered that the vibe there was just as great as last time. The joy is there due to the great music, not due to endless amounts of beer. Oh, the sweet joy of an alcohol-free festival….More of those please.

Then the final act of the festival entered the stage: Yes, it was Safri Duo!!!
This fine day the guys weren't stripping in ”Prelude”!! What?!! A good thing we had faked our way in!!!!
–No, whahaaa, no of course we paid good money for the tickets, that never showed up!!
Morten had decided to wear dark pants and a black t-shirt. Uffe had on dark pants and a red soccer t-shirt with the words ”10 Savery” on the back.

Clark was extremely energetic on stage, almost making us blush by the sight of his performance, making all the girls in the front row scream. You go, Clark!

It was a great show and everyone in the audience was truly having a wonderful time. Those, who weren't already Safri fans, were surely hooked after this performance.

After the show, the whole team came out to write autographs and we had a chat with Clark and Safri Duo through the fence. And Safri Duo's webmaster actually took the ugliest picture of us, ever taken!! We tell ya….that picture could scare the stripes off a zebra!!

Well, home we went, to catch some ”z´s” before it was off once again for another Safri Duo extravaganza!

Stevns Truckerstaevne, Friday the 28th of May 2004
”That darn Wee Willie Winkle!”

Once again Bente´s mum was teaming up with The Safri Zone girls for another trip to see Safri Duo. Hmmmm, is she getting addicted? Should we worry? Surely it can't be healthy to have an urge for bongo THAT bad. Somebody help her!!
Well, merely she wanted to come, because the concert was fairly early that day, at 8pm according to the ticket, so we would be back home before midnight.

Well……it just so happened that there was a band before Safri Duo, called Fifi-Dong, a Gasolin cover band.
They went on stage at 7pm, so we thought they would simply play a few tunes, and then Safri would appear at about 8 pm. But no…because Fifi-Dong just entered the stage to do a sound check, then they were off, simply to return at 8 pm.
So we took up space in the front row, listening to the cover band while the weather was getting a bit colder and windy.
45 minutes later they stopped playing so we counted on Safri to be on stage at 9.15.
Ooooooh no……Fifi-Dong was just leaving to take a breather only to return half an hour later to play another set!!!!
At 10pm we were more than willing to jump on stage and drag Fifi-Dong out of there by the hair, but they left voluntarily.

Then came the Safri sound check, and at 10.30 pm, we could hear the familiar sound of ”Prelude”.

Uffe was wearing dark pants, his ”Space is the Place” t-shirt and the white Hummel shirt, Morten had on green pants and a green Jesus All stars t-shirt.

Bente had the pleasure of standing next to a huge Morten fan, screaming at the top of his lungs ”YOU GO, MORTEN”, ”MORTEN ROCKS!! or just plainly: ”MOOOOORTEN!!!!!!”, every other minute. We just had to hand him a flyer for the Safrizone Party.

Due to Fifi-Dong´s long performance and the waiting time during the sound check the audience had become a bit impatient. Add a few beers to that, and suddenly the vibe was getting somewhat hostile. A girl behind us got threatened by a big fellow, because she kindly asked him to mind her feet, when he jumped up and down like a mad man. Lucky for us the security were right on the spot! Sadly the wrong spot……being ”security” guards doesn't mean getting yourselves secure, mates!

This night ”Sweet Freedom” was simply extra-ordinary along side Played-a-Live….. especially at the end of the song, where Uffe and Morten both play the bass drum on their left, oh, that's percussion art!!!

After the show, Safri was escorted to their dressing room and came out for a short autograph-signing session. We had the pleasure of meeting Frank, the new tour manager backstage, where we also had a chat with Uffe, Morten and Clark.
Now, Bente´s mum is seldom lost for words, but we guess that being in a room with Uffe, Morten, Clark, Mikkel, Mads and Peter, while N&B were kinda impressing the guys by having a Japanese edition of 3.0 for them to sign, was too eventful to comment. She chose to simply enjoy ”the show”.
We thanked them for their time and started searching the fields (which functioned as parking spaces this night) for our green Safrizone Mobile.

After driving Bente´s mom home, we suddenly got attacked by that darn Wee Willie Winkle! -Yeah, we had a severe attack of shut-eye, during the last 8 miles home. So nothing to do but roll down the window and crank up the car stereo. Guess our fellow island folk got a sweet taste of ”All the People in the World”.
No wait, with the volume we had on, it was more like ”ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!”

But the good thing was, that we didn't fall asleep…..
….-Well, neither did the Island folk.

Maribo Rock, Denmark, 18th of June 2004
”……jumping from Venus to Mars with my space guitar…”.

For the first time in our concert-going-career, we were going to Maribo Rock. It's an annual event and we have been in Maribo before during the concerts, but never actually attended. This time there was no way around it, since the lads were finishing of the day, playing after Zididada and Danser Med Drenge.

Bente and her mum (yes, she has a serious addiction) were to pick up Nickie at work, when her shift was over, so we could drive directly to Maribo. She had to wait a while for her ride, though, since our cat decided this was a perfect day to make a run for it (oh, sweet freedom!) and play hide-and-seek in the garden. This all resulting in Bente being SOOOO late picking Nickie up. Shame on you, Coco-Adagio!

Well, we found Maribo easy enough and Bente´s mum decided to take us out for Chinese, which was a suggestion, we fully supported, since free food is our absolute favourite dish!!

After checking out the beautiful location of Maribo Rock, we decided to find ourselves a spot to sit down, before the concerts started. On our way, we passed by Zididada´s merchandise shop and we wrote a greeting in their guest book. We are expecting a thank you note any day now…..
Then we met Bente´s ex, Lars and his whole family, who were looking forward to seeing Safri Duo. We promised them, that they wouldn't be disappointed.
Lars´ nephew Christoffer asked us, if we were planning to go to the front row for the Safri concert?.... …. …. …… …… … ….
… ….. …..oh, a-hahahaa, what a delightful little boy!! Still so young; yet so humorous!

Jimmy and Danny from Zididada opened Maribo Rock in their own Zididada-way, and they are always up for a good time.

Afterwards it was time for Danser med Drenge, and they truly have some songs that hit us right in the heart.

Rie and Uncle Tjelly from DMD / Photos by The Safri Zone

Again Bente had her heart set on cornering Uncle Tjelly, and they actually wrote autographs after the show, like they always do, but we couldn't stop by, since we were by the stage, now waiting for Safri Duo!!

It was getting dark when Safri entered the stage, so we could really enjoy the light show.
The ”Space is the Place”-t-shirt had been taken out of Uffe´s closet alongside a pair of dark green pants. Morten had taken out a green pair of pants and a white t-shirt.

When it was time for "Rise – Leave me Alone", we had to grab the fence, because dudes and dudettes: It was L-O-U-D!! Man, it was so intense, we could almost see through time!! Well, hardly…..but it WAS really loud, and in ”Knock on Wood” they went totally berserk, while fireworks were lighting up the sky; it was out of this world! (you know…when you go left just after Venus, and then turn right before Mars, and then straight out for about 100 miles…that's the place!!!)

We could have been listening to them all night, but Uffe and Morten STILL insist on leaving after ”Knock on Wood” (bugger that), so yet again we had to go home……hopefully we will see them again soon….

…..well, guess we'd better knock on wood.

-Gawd, we are h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!

Toldkammeret, Helsingoer, Denmark, Friday the 25th of June 2004
”In my match box, I have 10.000 pigs!”

After another hard day at work, we were planning to have a relaxing afternoon since the place where the Safri concert was going down didn't open before 9pm. So we did some preparations for The Safri Zone Summer Party and thought we could take half an hour on the couch. On our way to nap-time-heaven (oh, you know you're getting old, when nap time is heaven…), we thought we'd better double check the time on the tickets and discovered that the doors didn't open at 9pm…they opened a 7pm!!! Which meant, that we had to be out the door…half an hour ago!!!
AYE CARAMBA, we gathered out things and made a run to the car.

We have been in Helsingoer before, when they played on Dok-½-oeen, and this time they played in Toldkammeret, so we thought we kinda knew the way. Well, we knew the direction, but not the precise spot, so we pulled into a parking lot, because we wanted to ask someone for directions.

We noticed, that the car behind us, also pulled into the parking lot, so what better idea than to ask them? Bente got out of the car and almost bumped into the lady from the other car. Almost synchronically they asked the same question:
”Do you happen to know the way to the Safri Duo concert?!”
It turned out they had been following us for a while since they were lost and had noticed our streamer in the rear window with safrizone.com on it, so they automatically assumed we were with the band!!
Us with an instrument? Oh, that would be a sad, sad day for music.
We had to tell her, that we simply had an unofficial homepage for the guys and that we were just as lost as they were, but that we suspected the concert took place somewhere near the harbor.
Turned out, that we were right, because shortly after we found the sold-out concert!!

To our extreme joy we discovered that once again, Papkasse Show was the supporting act. They always know how to keep the crowd warm on a cold, wet Summer night. Especially because you are always keeping your legs warm for a quick exit should one of them come your way to drag you to the stage. (we all remember Bj the DJ´s debut as part of a boy band in Soenderborg…).
Well, apart from us suffering from stage fright we have developed a partiality for Papkasse Show; they are totally insane in the coolest term of the word!!
So everyone was hyped for the Safri show!!

Uffe had on dark pants and a red Doors t-shirt, while Morten was wearing dark pants and a green…da-da-daaaaaa da-da-da-da-daaaaaaaaa: sleeveless shirt!!! You go, Morten!!!

It made us think of Uffe´s olive green sleeveless shirt from the first Safri tour…aaaah, where did that piece of cotton-art go?

The concert turned out to be quite intimate. The stage being so small, that the guys were literally rubbing shoulders! That didn't ruin the general impression for the audience, who had a fantastic time!!
It just shows Safri Duo´s flexibility and creativity, when they ”simply” re-arrange their stage performance to fit the conditions of the stage.

Instead of playing two Xylosynths in "Prelude", they shared one, and the instrument shift between the songs were a bit more difficult, but worked out just fine (people probably didn't even notice, it's just us nutcases, seeing the new show for the 12th time).

Just when we thought that ”Knock on Wood” couldn't get more explosive, Clark Anderson ripped his hat off, and did some serious head banging!!!! Uffe and Morten went totally crazy on the drums and the stage exploded in light; it was down-right funkylicious!!!! We would NOT hold it against them if they chose to play it twice, that's for sure!

After another terrific show, we drove back home, and strangely enough the trip home seemed a lot longer than the trip to the concert earlier that day? Made us wonder if it isn't a good idea to camp for the night at Nickie´s dad, when we have been up at 5.30 am on a concert day?
We were home at 2 am, and more or less passed out up the stairs to the bedrooms. We planned to wake up at 9.30 the following morning, but that didn't happen – that darn Wee Willie Winkle…..

Vordingborg Festuge, Denmark, Thursday the 8th of July 2004
"Regulatoooors, let´s saddle up!!!"

Today Safri Duo was more or less playing in our back yard. Well, hardly, but it was closer than they have ever played before. Only half an hour in the car and we were there!!
We had gotten permission from Safri´s tour manager, Frank, to go backstage, because we had some stuff for Uffe and Morten to sign before the Safri Zone Summer Party.
When our mum's heard, that their daughters were going backstage, they were the first ones to jump into the Safrizone Mobile, when we headed towards Vordingborg.
When we told them, that we weren't sure, that Frank could get us all backstage, they looked just as disappointed as the day we told them about our first tattoos.
-But Frank turned out to be the hero of the day and invited the mums right in.
-To the great annoyance of the door security, who had been planning to ripple their muscles and give us a hard time at the entrance!

Nickie´s foster-sister, Louise, who works for a local youth TV network, was also backstage, to do interviews with all the artists performing during the Vordingborg Festuge week. She had been promised a few minutes with all the performers, but it turned out that most of them changed their minds in the last minute. Actually only Cruise, Milles, Sussi & Leo and Safri Duo held up their end of the bargain.

She was a bit hype minutes before her interview, so we pretended not to know her, but then Uffe came up to Nickie and asked : "She is your sister, right?"
DOU!!! We can't lie to Uffe...

Then Nickie´s mum asked us, if it was possible to get something to drink, and Bente told her, that usually everything is free backstage, so there was no way she was leaving without a free beer!!
While the mums had a look around the pretty crowded backstage area, we had a longer chat with Uffe, and both Safri boys signed the homemade merchandise, we had brought with us.
We also had the pleasure of seeing Uffe´s son Emil again, who was "at work with dad" as Uffe put it. Gawd, he has been really busy growing!!!
Clark Anderson also appeared for a short second, but went inside to warm up his voice.

Then we went outside to catch the last minutes of Zididada, who, once again, were performing before Safri Duo.
We found a spot in the 2nd row, just behind some small children, lucky for us.

The Safri Duo concert turned out to get quite delayed, but not due to Safri Duo. Instead the security was totally in panic about people getting pushed around. First the usual amount of security guards appeared. Then additional security was added and then entered:.......The Forces of Law and Order!!!
All they needed was to call in the bloody army as well!!
They were all screaming :
"Take 2 steps back!!! We need space for the people in the front row!!!! STEP BACK, PEOPLE!!!"
And there we were....the people in the front rows.....standing calmly, with plenty of room around us, looking around for all the pushing and shoving that apparently was going on somewhere among the crowd!!
This continued for about 15 minutes and the only result was people getting fairly annoyed by the fact, that the Safri concert was getting more and more delayed!
We thought, they should just let Safri Duo go on stage, because when they start "Prelude", people always quiet down for awhile.

Finally Safri Duo was let on stage and "Prelude" began. A police man nudged one of his colleagues and whispered: "Would you take a look at that? It helped when we simply let the concert begin!"
What a shame that when you really need the forces of law and order out on the festivals, they are never around (not including the excellent security in Kolding!), but when everything is peaceful you can hardly see the stage due to security!

This night, almost in our back yard, Uffe was wearing the "Space is the Place" t-shirt and dark jeans. Morten had on the sleeveless star shirt and grey jeans with white markings. The guys were not looking all that bad!!!!

Morten has developed his didgeridoo repertoire, so it now includes walking around the stage while playing, finishing off by the edge of the stage, with the didgeridoo high over his head, and a pretty confident smile on his face. Nice touch, Morten!!!

The weather Gods were with us this evening, since we had been promised both rain and storm. But instead we got a nice fairly clear sky. Uffe charmed us all, by saying that the weather had changed due to the crowd being so happy and cool to watch from the stage. Well, isn't he a cutie? When he gets started he can charm the birds from the trees!

"Walking Away" and "Sweet Freedom", again, total high lights of the show, and it seems that "Walking Away" takes people by a total surprise not counting on the Safri show to include a ballad.

Again the lads decided to go absolutely berserk in "Knock on Wood", which we won't hold against them, since so much energy comes from the stage during that number, that if you stand too close to the stage you will glow in the dark for at least a week! And it really gives us an advantage, when we have to read roadmaps in the night driving home from Safri concerts!
Really...not kidding!!!

Gilleleje, Denmark, Friday the 9th of July 2004
"A sausage for a ride?"

This day we were meeting up with Anja, who was showing of her new beau Kenneth at a Safri concert in Gilleleje. Apparently she has concluded, that the only way to meet up with us, during the Summer is to show up at a Safri concert. Well, there is some truth to that...
Of course we all remember Anja from the concert in Vega in 2002, where she uttered:
"Uffe is wearing a nice shirt...not too much fabric!"
Strangely enough she didn't compliment Uffe this time.....wonder why? ;-)

Before we met up with Anja, we must mention our delightful, quite romantic dinner in the beautiful Gilleleje, which is blessed with a wide variety of cozy cafés and restaurants. So....of course we found a nice little spot in a parking lot, and enjoyed a quite dry meet ball sandwich from the near by supermarket, over looking the bush encircling the parking-lot. Oh, we sure know how to do it in style!

This concert was to take place at a fair, and after a quick soda we took up places in the front row, with Anja and Kenneth behind us. Kenneth really doing a nice job not looking like he thought we were completely insane Safri Duo fans. We wondered if we should just come clean and admit actually being insane Safri Duo fans?

Then Safri Duo arrived, Uffe wearing (after Prelude) a peach colored sleeveless shirt and jeans; Morten wearing a black sleeveless shirt and the jeans with the white markings.

As we mentioned in the previous report, Morten looks quite funkylicious when he enjoys the cheer from the crowd with the didgeridoo lifted high over his head. Well, today we were ready with the camera, so for your viewing pleasure:

Another knock out concert, with special emphasis on the finale in Played-a-Live where Uffe and Morten both play the bass drum like mad...it's just...... just...... just..... just......... Blimey, there's just no word for something that good!!!
Clark Anderson chose to get down on all four, to add a bit more sassiness to his performance. It's safe to say, it had the effect, he was going for!
It also looks like his headbanging in "Knock on Wood" is here to stay, which goes hand in hand with Uffe and Morten giving it their all on the drums...that's truly a sight for sore eyes....

After the show we had a look around the fair and we got into a betting competition including a sausage and a go on the wildest ride in the fair: If Bente would eat the biggest, most greasy sausage in the fair, Nickie would go for a ride on the Street Fighter. Well, since none of us trusted the other one to hold up their part of the bargain, we went for waffles instead.

We said goodbye to Anja and Kenneth and drove to Ishoej, where we were staying the night at Nickie´s dad's house, since we had another Safri concert in Vig on Saturday. It actually turned out that dad was home, so we had a chat about the concert, the site, family etc, until Bente very impolitely suddenly fell asleep right in the middle of a conversation!
Guess it was time to call it a night?

You can read about the concert in Vig on the "backstage" section soon.

Varde Open Air, Saturday the 24th of July 2004
"Like seeing an old...friend"

Varde is a 4 hour drive away from Moen, so we planned on driving fairly early, so we could make a few pit stops along the way. -Never counting all the times we had to turn the car around, due to all the stuff we had forgotten to bring.... Very important girl stuff, that you simply cannot do without, when you are in for a very long road trip!

Finally we did make it safely over the bridge from Moen and had only 2 bridges to go until we would reach Varde.
We had planned to eat at a McDonald's somewhere and then stop at a highway restaurant on the way home, for a "descent" meal.
Not that we would ever complain about McDonald's food: they have come in handy many times, not only in times of hunger, but also for very important girl stuff, that you simply cannot avoid, when you are in for a very long road trip!

We had no problems finding Varde, but we did make a stop at a video store to ask for directions to the Open Air concert, since we didn't have the address.
The parking lot at the concert was pretty much filled up, but we did manage to find a teeny weenie spot where our Safrizone Mobile fit like a glove. It took a bit of maneuvering, but we parked the darn thing, without hitting any of the cars parked around us. -To the great annoyance of a few spectators , who thought it would be hilarious if "the two little girls, would crash their mum's car". Sorry for disappointing you guys......and by the way: It's OUR car!!!!

And there we were. Back in Varde. The place we never thought we would leave alive after that totally crazy Safri concert we attended in Helle Hallen 2001, where we almost got squashed against the fence. Aaaah yes..."sweet" memories....

We bumped into Clark and one of his best friends, Summer, who is over for a short visit in Denmark. We sat down and had something to drink and observing those two talking: It's so cute! They are just like us; when they laugh it's a serious laugh. Neck back and all. Gotta love it!!!!
Uffe and Morten also came by and thanked us for a nice time at the Safri Zone Summer Party. Aaaaaaah, thank you, guys.....that means a lot to us.
We, of course, brought our "Living Out Loud" DVD for Clark to sign (the movie with Clark in it, ed). We keep forgetting to bring it along, but since we had made a few u-turns back to the house, we managed to remember it this time.

Since we had been chatting to Clark and Summer we were really late getting our butts to the arena, so we kinda didn't expect to get a front row spot. But when the local band playing just before Safri left...so did everyone else and the only ones in the front were us and a boy about age 10, ready with the camera. That's the right Safri spirit!

We only waited for about half an hour, then Safri Duo were ready to bongo! This sunny afternoon Uffe had on his "Space is the Place" shirt and grey pants. Morten was wearing his black sleeveless shirt and white marked jeans. Bente actually wore a similar black sleeveless shirt....wonder if they have been shopping the same place? Darn, we should have taken a picture, then they would have looked like twins! -Or maybe not....

"Walking Away" has seriously never been performed more beautifully than this night in Varde. It literally brought out the tears.
The audience were totally hyped for the show, and you could see, that Safri Duo and the band were blown away by the response they got from the crowd.
There is only one "but"...and it´s a big but (a-haha). -Because sometime during the concert these two middle aged men, going through some kind of crisis, got the brilliant idea, that they wanted to come to the front row.
Which included bothering and pawing three 16-year old girls. When they wouldn't have it, they tried to start a fight with them and their friends, before they just pushed the girls around so they could get their spots. Now it was time for the first row, so one of them grabbed the 10 year old boy next to us, and throw him down on his knees!! We helped him up, and the man kept squeezing him until the boy decided to make a run for it. Getting really really angry we tried to get the security guards, who had been looking at the whole thing, to react to the incident. They looked straight at us, then one of them simply put on his sunglasses and turned away. Say freakin´ what?!!! We didn't need them to help us, because we are used to the front row, but that little boy was counting on security doing their job. And honestly...if you don't have the guts to be a security guard...maybe you should get the gig at the hotdog stand!!
Of course they tried to move us too, and even though it wasn't really all that charming having a strange man rubbing against you, Safri was on...we were in the front row...and there was no way, we would give them the satisfaction of taking over our spot. Though it's only fair to mention, that when we reached the encores, 2 security guards took up space just behind us, thereby calming the two airheads down a bit.
(Still....when we got home, we simply had to write a mail to the head of Varde Open Air and tell him about the incident with the lack of security.)

Sadly with all of this getting on, and the adjustment to the fact that it was one of the "crazy" concerts, we kinda "lost" a few songs. "Fallin´ High" and "Moonwalker" went right over our heads!

We have to mention the really nice stage, because it wasn't lifted like it usually is. It was on the same level as the front rows, so they were nicely up close.

When it was time for Knock on Wood, Clark had a little something up his sleeve. Well, actually there were no sleeves at all. He was going for a multiple female heart attack-day entering the stage........shirtless!!!!!
We tell ya, Clark...if we go deaf from the screaming that went on, we are suing you, young man!!!
Ok...we had kinda bothered him about the fact that he took off his shirt in Oster Hurup when we weren't there to take pictures (for our fan-site of course!!), so we guess he just took us up on that.
We tell ya...Bente was getting flash backs to the day she attended a Backstreet Boys concert and just to add to the female frustration, he got down on his knees and c-r-a-w-l-e-d to the edge of the stage. Lucky for Mr. Anderson, there was a fence between him and the ladies that night.

After the concert we said "see you soon" to Clark and Summer, and headed towards our car. To our luck it turned out, that it was just as hard to get the car out of the parking lot as it was to get it in. But we managed! A thank you goes out to Bente´s driving instructor!
Then it was time to drive home, but of course not without the decent meal, we had promised ourselves!
Tell us...what is the function of a high way restaurant if it closes even before normal restaurants do?! We were surfing on and off entrance and exit lanes in search for a restaurant, that was actually open.

Finally, after countless visits to closed highway cafés, we found a place, that was still open:
When everything seems impossible you can always count on Mr. Happy Clown welcoming you in. Thumbs up, McD!!
-Well, except that we got totally lost trying to find the way in! We think, perhaps, this particular restaurant was taking part in a "hide the drive in" - competition, because we were driving all over the place trying to find it! Who was to know, that they had a shared drive in with the huge TDC building on the right? How often do you come across an arrangement like that?

After our second McD meal of the day we had a lot of fun, connecting funny stories to the towns we drove through (well, Middelfart is pretty funny. Even the guys from MTV Jackass think so).

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