Vig Festival, the 11th of July 2014
Taking a wizz……adagio style.

This trip was one of our two-day adventures, where we first had a show in Vig and the day after a show in Lökken. Or…more precisely…SAFRI had shows.

It was evident that house-cat Coco-Adagio wanted to come along for the ride, because he decided to spray some cat-odor all over Nickie´s bag. So it was pretty hard not to send Coco some thoughts on our long trip around Denmark!! (Also the bag spent the night in the hall-way of our bed and Breakfast.)
To our luck we had the entire place for ourselves. The place was inhabited by one other guest but he wasn´t in, so we thought about messing with his head and re-arranging all his fridge-food, because we had been told that he was very passionate about his groceries. Of course we didn´t, but we came veeery close…. 🙂

Before going to the festival, we visited a local pizzeria, which advertised about having the best pizzas in town. We are preeeetty sure it was the ONLY pizzeria in town….
Then we parked in Poland and walked all the way back to Denmark and found the festival. Well, it sure seemed like it!!!!!
The parking ground was no-where NEAR the festival. We had to go through a park and a town to find the festival. There simply HAS to be a farmer somewhere near the festival, who has an ambition to grow a parking-lot-field!!!!

We found our front-row spot and while waiting we spotted Frank, Safri´s former tourmanager, on stage!!!! OH-OH-OH, THE NOSTALGIA!!! We have had some good concerts under his command, him also being in charge back when we had the Safri Duo Meet ´n´ Greet back in 2004.

We also saw a show with Østkyst Hustlers..which seemed to go on juuuust a bit too long, but their fans were not disappointed, and we realized we knew more songs than we cared to admit.

It was a terrific Safri/KATO show, and Illang came on stage in his usual gym pants, so he could jump around all over the stage. We are delighted by his entry into the Safri family; we want to permanently adopt him!

The show went by way too fast, and luckily for us Sonja had made an illegal parking nearer to the festival ground, so she gave us a lift back to Poland.

Then we went for a McDonalds hunt, programming the gps to find the nearest restaurant. Sadly the gps was not updated, so when we arrived at the destination the McDonalds had re-located. After 2-3 tries we gave up and headed back to our Bed and Breakfast, finishing the evening with some sodas and “Flatliners on the telly. Go Jack!!
-Or at least Nickie finished off the day this way….Bente ended the day listening to Nickie babbling in her sleep about the catastrophe of absent Starbucks shops in Seeland.

Lökken Festival, 12th of July 2014.
-But the view from the terrace was nice!

We left our Bed without Breakfast and started our looong journey towards Jutland and Bjerringbro. Apparently someone had changed the roads out of Vig, because we got terribly lost and couldn´t find our way south. We had to stop in a small village and ask a nice lady for directions, and she was very impressed by how lost we apparently were, but helped us on our way.

Since we had no dinner last night and no breakfast yet, we stopped by a Monarch, being quite hungry and Bente being in dire need of some coffee.
Only seconds to Bente enjoying her nice coffee, Nickie decided to tip over her coffee cup sending the coffee flying.
Bente charmed (threatened) the young clerk and she got a new coffee for free, which Nickie had a restraining order against!!!
Getting lost and tossing coffee around meant, that we were a bit short of time, when we arrived in our amazing Bed and Breakfast in Bjerringbro.
Sadly we had no time to enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the lovely house, because we had to have a quick change of clothes and speed off towards Lökken.

Still we managed to get a spot in the front row, even though we had to wrestle some mighty pissed-off people from the Home Guard.

It was clear for everyone, that Rasmus Seebach had been present…there being panties, phone numbers and confetti all over the festival ground. –No, just kidding; of course there was no….confetti.

Uffe came on stage before the show and spotted that we, again, were standing in front of the box, which Uffe climbs on top for his audience-solo. He gave us a face indicating that he, again, had to hurt his back , if we had to hold his drum. We let him know, that we would move during the solo.
-But let´s just get one thing straight: We don´t take up the spot in front of the box!! No!!! The box takes up the spot in front of US! Because that spot has been ours since 2001! So take it up with the BOX, Mr. Savery!!! 😎

When we went to the first KATO vs Safri show, we would never have thought that someday we would be singing along to songs by Djâmes Braun…..but look at us know….selling out. It´s a sad day for mature ladies refusing to sing rap. Women and cannons…who can refuse?

Also there were some morons who thought it would be amusing to share a beer with Kato, throwing beer on stage. Strangely enough Kato wasn´t amused, declaring his exit if they didn´t stop…..
So we decided to stop. NO!!!! It wasn´t us 😙

After the show, we talked about driving to Skagen to see the oceans meet, but it proved too long a drive, and it would get dark before we arrived, so we skipped that. We have our money on Safri playing in Skagen one day!!
Leaving the festival we spotted Safri confetti all the way to the car so the residentials along the festival ground had had a party of their own.
We later discovered that we also had some confetti inside our clothes so we brought the Safri party all the way to Bjerringbro!!

The next day we woke up to a lovely breakfast in the company of our hosts, who wanted to know what we were doing so far away from home, and which festival we had attended? When we told them about our, almost 100, Safri Duo trips, they looked a bit concerned and told us, that apart from that, we seemed sane enough. Why, thank you!....... –Wait, what???😲

Samsoe Festival, 18th of July 2014
Don´t worry, Morten….there will be NO unicorns!!

13 years ago we went to Samsoe to see our second Safri Duo concert and happened to run into Uffe and Morten on the ferry, where we started to talk about the fact that Safri Duo did not have a fan-page yet. So The Samsoe Festival 2001 pretty much started all this madness. 🤪

Samsoe being an expensive trip, we had to come to terms with the fact, that we wouldn´t be able to attend. But we hadn’t counted on Bente´s mum being such a softie, because she shook her money tree and sponsored the trip ❤
So off we went, in the company of one husband (Nickie´s).

On the ferry we didn´t meet Safri (Uffe being on a week-long holiday on Samsoe already), but spotted Basim and Barbara Moleko. Close, but no cigar.
We took an early ferry, because we wanted to do some sightseeing.
Jacob being a beer-enthusiast we visited Samsoe Brewery, which in the future will be remembered by its smiling, warm-hearted service. Or at least this is how we decide to remember our visit…….

Then we wanted to visit The Pancake House, which didn´t want a visit, because it had closed eight minutes earlier. So we had to settle for a Poul Dissing peek, as he was staying at the hotel also located on the address.
Then we went for a trip to the beach where Nickie got a good scolding for helping some sheep escape their fencing  😙
Samsoe, you clearly missed us!!!

We arrived at the Samsoe Festival a bit early because Nickie is a Poul Krebs fan, and she just had to see that cunning old fox live.
Moleko was on stage when we arrived so we took to the bar, trying out a Cappuccino slush-ice with licorice liquor. ADDICTIVE!!!
Lucky for us they were expensive, because otherwise we would never had been able to find our way to the front row!

Nickie got to see her life-long crush Poul, so she was a happy camper. Or maybe it was the Cappuccino slush?

Then we had fun watching Heino (Kato´s stage tech) construct a death trap for Morten, the stairs being violently high this evening. 🤔 (Luckily Morten is a Moonwalker, so no harm done)

We had arranged a Backstage Nostalgia Trip, so we were to meet up with Uffe and Morten before the show. This meant leaving our front row spot, and we had discretely tried to bargain with Uffe about moving the get-together to AFTER the show. -But he didn´t seem to get the hint. 😉
This is where a husband comes in handy! -So before we headed for the backstage area, we squeezed Jacob against the fence and told him to guard our spot with his life. HIS LIFE!

While waiting for Uffe and Morten near the backstage area we were entertained by a fairly drunk guy, being in a terribly good mood.
Then Safri Duo scooped us up and we had a nice talk about the tour, the last 13 years, Safrizone…they signed postcards for fans abroad… was truly great meeting up with the guys at this special event.

Then we rescued poor Jacob, who had been wrestling some Kato fans for our spot, so he was happy being released from duty.
Our spot this evening being right in the middle of the stage, right in front of Kato…oh, that could potentially spell trouble, but it was only when KATO jumped unto his box we got a good, good squeeze.

This being a late show, we could truly enjoy the light show, making us think of Johnny Lightmanager – oh, the sweet lad…
All in all, there was a great vibe at the Samsoe Festival, and all the performers on stage had a party. Apparently Sylvester only had half a party, because he kept his clothes on???!! (Maybe because his mum was present at the festival? 👍   )

At the end of the show Uffe talks about the Kato-tour, and this night he, again, thought he would mess with our sanity and mentioned that Samsoe was the spot where their fansite The Safrizone started off. He also mentioned how many concerts we had been at…..ahrmmmm…not a lot…not a lot…. AND he also just had to point out the two loonies …. 🙃

After a bite to eat (after the show, of course), we headed back to our 5-star luxury hotel, where we rested in our King Size beds, after some nice relaxation in the indoor spa.
-Oh no wait…that wasn´t us…..we slept in The Safrizone Mobile on Samsoe Harbour waiting for the ferry at 6.20 am.
Damn….we are not 25 anymore

Karolinelunden, Aalborg, 29th of August 2014
I saw that movie. It was a horror flick.

At this event you couldn´t really book tickets. It was all about getting inside the venue before the limit of people allowed inside was reached. Aalborg being in the other side of the country it would be really annoying if we had to go all the way home again, because the venue was full. Also, it was the last Kato vs. Safri show, so… discussion: we had to get in. So we pulled a sweet string called Camilla, who secured our entry. 👍

We had planned to meet up with Winnie and Sonja in Odense and travel together the rest of the way to Aalborg, having a pit stop at Carl´s Jr for lunch (and clothes shopping in Føtex as it turned out)

When we reached Aalborg things became complicated, because we really didn´t know where to go. Karolinelunden was an old abandoned amusement-park, so we drove to the ticket-office, where we saw some posters for the event. At a café right next to the ticket-office we asked about the concert and were told, that we were at the right spot. Well, look at us!

Us being the first ones there, we decided we had time for chai latte and cake at the café.
Now, us being the first ones there should have set off our alarm bells, because we are seldom the first ones there….
When no one else seemed to show up, Winnie reached her patience-limit and asked again, if this was the right spot?
And suddenly it wasn´t.
It was at the old amusement park! You should have seen the little Safri fans get their butts in gear. Especially Winnie and Sonja, who reached a critical level of hysteria 😋

Getting outside we could now see the huge line of people waiting to be let in to Karolinelunden, but the people at the entrance were quite efficient, and we quickly entered Karolinelunden. Then Winnie was told, that she couldn’t take pictures with her fancy camera, which sent her over the edge. At one time we dreaded she would turn green and grow out of her clothes!!! 😮
Walking in an abandoned amusement park is pretty eerie, we can tell you. Luckily no clown in the sewer. Yay!

Stopping for latté and cake meant that we had to settle for the 2nd row, luckily behind some small kids, we could scare off -, see above, that is!!!

When the concert began Kato told us, that 500 people had to settle with hearing the show from outside the park, because the attendance had reach its limit!!! We sent an extra thank you to Camilla.

Then Kato went totally ape on one of his music devices, which, sadly for the device and his sound tech, suddenly didn´t work. Lucky for the sound guy Kato only jumped and stamped on the device. We bet that´s the last time he checks out ladies instead of the sound gear?
The good spirit DID return shortly after, and Kato even showed indulgence, putting the device back in one piece, and using it in a song.
The show took a steamy turn towards the end. Uffe´s end. 🤨
A fan in the audience screamed, and Kato commented that she was probably screaming at Uffe´s nice-looking behind, which Kato himself had trouble taking his eyes off. In fact, as Kato told us, he had fainted many times when first meeting up with Uffe in the beginning of their collaboration.
Kato…..such a sweet talker.🤭

After this last show, we went backstage to hand over birthday presents for Morten, and chocolate for Uffe. Winnie and Sonja had also brought chocolate for the rest of the artists, which especially seemed to please Kenno from Djâmes Braun, who apparently has a mighty sweet tooth?
Uffe handed us some drumsticks, he had played with at this last show, and suggested we could use them in a competition? Good idea, Uffe. Or maybe we´ll just keep them to ourselves 😙

Then Sonja, who luckily stayed awake, no thanks to the other persons in the car, who were all out cold, drove us to Odense, where we said our goodbyes and thanks for another great tour.

We look forward to many more Safri adventures and concert no. 100!!! Bring it!!
We hope that the adoption papers for Ilang has come through ´till then 😋

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