Groen Concert, Naestved, 27th of July 2013
“Dear Penis…I don´t think I like you anymore….”

KATO had been so sweet as to invite some very special guests to his show at the Groen Concerts. So suddenly we also had to go to The Groen Concerts.
We packed a picnic, chairs and Nickie´s husband and off we went!

Finding a nice spot in the green field we enjoyed Donkey Sound, Mads Langer, Carpark North, Medina and Lucas Graham before going to see the KATO show. Impressively enough so did all the other Groen Concert goers!!
Finally KATO announced the men in black (smooth way to describe their outfits this night), who came on stage and played The Bongo Song, with a KATO remix and also their brand new song with Bjørnskov on the vocals: “DIMITTO (Let Go)”

After the show Bente spotted Uffe and Morten backstage and juuuust thought she would wave at them as they passed by the fence. Suddenly she found herself wandering in the Open Air Urinal of the festival, surrounded by truck loads of peeing men, trying to get Safri´s attention. …..and they didn´t even spot their little fan, standing in the Urinal. But maybe they couldn´t possible grasp that their little fan would stand there, pressed against the fence in the Mens Comfort station….
The things we do…. J

After Magtens Korridorer and McDonalds were on our way back to Moen.

Randers Festuge, Randers, 17th of August 2013
“Take a walk on the wild side”

Ever since Bente got a driver’s license and a car, it is not often that we stay the night before driving home. At this gig, however, Safri was playing in the other side of the country at 11pm, so we found ourselves this cute little cottage in the town of Randers to stay the night.
This was also the first road trip, which featured our brand new Safrizone streamer on our Safrizone automobile!

Nickie´s husband Jacob had been a sweetheart and bought us a huge amount of bottled water (we would not dry out on this tour, that´s for sure) and some fruit. As we were driving down the Sealand highway with each a banana, Nickie correctly commented “Do you realize that this is the first time we are eating fruit on a Safri tour?”
Ten seconds later we found ourselves at a pit stop in Soerbymagle market to buy our usual stash of chocolates and coca cola. Little did we know that we had arrived at Whiskeybæltet in the west of Sealand, because only the very wealthy could afford shopping there on a daily basis. Who could have known: Soerbymagle: The Dubai of Sealand.

Without any trouble we arrived in Randers and found our adorable cottage owned by some very sweet people. After relaxing in front of the telly watching animal documentaries and Dr. Who (while doing a Safri prank on Safri fan Winnie, who was already in the front row) we headed toward the tent where Safri was to play at 11pm.

On our way to the tent, we had to cross some water. There were four bridges. 3 of them you are allowed to cross as a pedestrian. One you can only cross in a car. As fate had it we found ourselves in front of the one bridge you were not allowed to cross on foot. But only a few meters away we could see the tent which in a few hours would feature Safri Duo!! So we decided that we were not able to read Jutland warning signs and took a walk on the wild side.

Danish singer Sanne Salomonsen was on stage when we arrived giving one Hell of a great show, still having Morten Woods on lead guitar. Thank you for that!!.
When she left the stage, an opening appeared in the front row, sadly not near our fellow Safri fans Winnie and Sonja and fan-in-the-closet: Lars. :-D. But this gave us the opportunity to play our legendary waiting game: “Guess the Celebrity!!”  Nickie had a hard time guessing Charlie Hunnam while Bente, embarrassing enough could not guess Michael Parsberg. Embarrassing…..

One bucket of Mojitos later (so we´ve heard) Safri Duo arrived on stage wearing (exactly what we have guessed, them spending way too much time with DJ KATO): Black. Looking hot and spiffy, guys!! –Especially in the terrific blue light.

Rumors had it that no-one was allowed to take pictures, which we decided to ignore, and already having walked on the forbidden bridge we decided to stay on the wild side and take pictures. No one intervened so we guess it was ok.
Also at this show, they had a bit of difficulties with the sound, but it luckily wasn´t necessary to interrupt the show.
Morten is totally ready for ”Dancing with the Stars” should the producers choose to call, because he did a great dance routine during Kongsted´s set. We couldn’t quite determine if it was classic or Latin dance steps, but he has our vote, that´s for sure!!!
During the show tour manager Camilla came to the front row to hand us the new fact files for The Safrizone, which Uffe and Morten have been so kind as to fill out.

Then it was time to end the show and leave the stage. But not for sweet Morten, no, he wasn´t ready to leave at all. First off he threw his towel into the roaring crowd. This was well-received , so he decided to take it up a notch, and lifted up his shirt, faking that he wanted to take it off. (Leaving the hardcore fans in the front row with eyes almost popping out). Then he faked taking off a shoe, followed by the indication to throw his cell phone to the audience, and topping it off with opening his jeans, making Uffe decide that now it was definitely time to leave the stage!
It was a warm, warm night in Randers…..

After the show we had made plan to meet up with some friends we got to know during The Mad Drums Tour. Not fans of Safri, but Shu-Bi-Dua, who often had the spot right after or before Safri at the festivals. We had to cross the silly bridge once more not to the liking of some of the locals, who take their signs very personal. We then had a shady fan-gathering in a parking lot at the edge of town. Sound very dodgy…totally wasn´t.

Then we returned to our little cozy cottage, where we opened a bottle of Rosé to toast to a great Safri evening and tour. We started writing on “On Tour…” and suddenly it was 3am, and we were tired and a tad woozy, so we called it a night. - Bente realizing that the breakneck stairs up the landing to her one-person bedroom, wasn´t as charming as she thought, after half a bottle of Rosé.

On our way home the next day, Nickie insisted on a pit stop at Graceland. The local Graceland, that is…..just doing a bit of “touristing” before heading home.

Just Imagine, HC Andersen show, Odense, 23rd of August 2013
“On this magical night”

*Once upon a time two little maidens left the comfort of their castle to embark on the adventure of a life time.
They left their village and left towards a big city in search of something magical. They parked their chariot and walked around the city and suddenly they heard some sweet music and decided to follow the sound. They arrived at the King´s Garden and guarding the entrance sat an ogre. He told the fair maidens that something magical would happen this night in the garden.*

So we found ourselves a nice spot outside the Kings Garden playing our newly invented game in the honor of HC Andersen: “Spotting people and making them into a fairytale by HC Andersen”. He would have been proud.
Then Winnie and Sonja arrived, Winnie being a tad overdressed since she was going clubbing after the show. High heels and soft grass is just not a good combi…
After 2 hours the gate opened and we were told that guests of the artists had to go to another entrance to be let in. Suddenly we were feeling a bit hostile towards the ogre, who had assured us, that this was the correct entrance for all types of audience!
So we had to walk to the other end of the park, where they knew nothing!
So we were sent to the info booth – where they knew nothing! But they did know that they had not received any guest lists. Yet.
Just when we must have looked a bit tired, a nice lady, apparently in charge, said we could go in.
So we found Winnie and Sonja and the way to the front row.
Odense Symphonic Orchestra was playing on stage accompanying the different artists performing this night, and they came on stage an hour early to do a sound check, warm up etc.
Suddenly Nickie spotted a sweet little prince in the shape of the 1st Violinist, Eugen Tichindeleanu, standing to the left of the stage. A monitor was blocking Bente´s view so Nickie almost tore off her neck so she could see him. Which he then noticed. -And told his mate standing next to him that he had apparently just gotten two fans in the front row. What? What? We were totally just checking out his violin??!
Could we perhaps recommend and wish, that should the Sealand Symphonic Orchestra suddenly find themselves missing a violinist, could their commander in chief perhaps call up Odense and ask for Eugene? It would be much appreciated.

The host of the evening, Per Vers, opened the show followed by Sebastian Lind and O Land. Then Safri came on stage, dressed in black, playing 3 songs. Due to the large orchestra on stage there wasn´t a lot of space, so Uffe and Morten´s drums were located side by side and we could really enjoy the synchronicity of their playing – it was breathtaking!!! The best performance of the evening! –And looking spiffy too, guys!

Winnie, being a local girl, totally charmed one of the volunteers and got her butt backstage for some small talk and a picture with Safri.
The 2nd set featured Søs Fenger, Outlandish and wet clothes, since one of Winnie´s friends standing behind us, decided to share his drink with us, by spilling a “Skinny B**tch” down our backs. Thank mate, we owe you a slap in the face.

Since Uffe and Morten were long gone, we decided to check out the artists´ exit, because maybe it was possible to check out Eugen´s violin (just look - not touch!), but he had made us and had already made a run for it. All in good time, Eugen, all in good time…
We had to leave since the security looked like they were curious about the two little classical groupies, so we found the Safrizone automobile.

*And they all lived happily ever after*

Gladsaxe Festuge, Gladsaxe, 24th of August 2013
“Edward would have been happy here……..”

On this joyous day we were accompanied by our friend Karen, who was at her first Safri tour. She has attended half a show some years ago when Morten and Parsberg did a show in discotheque In.

We met up with Winnie and Sonja, who were in charge of our gift for Morten, since it was his birthday last Wednesday. They secured the gift, we secured the backstage access.
It was sunny and Gladsaxe was packed with happy people, -hence the name of the town.

We secured the front row, being the only people in the front row, at that time, and chatted for about an hour until it was time for the show. People were very relaxed and there was no pushing and shoving, apart from an extreeeemely intoxicated older woman, who took a liking to Bente and Karen.
We were pretty excited to find out what kinda dance Morten would present us with this fine evening. Turned out to be a mash-up of Riverdance and folk-dancing. Would you call him up already, TV2??!!
Uffe and Morten really make it easy for us to describe their clothes because they were all in black.
During Kongsted´s set, Uffe and Morten went off stage and disappeared backstage. Suddenly they appeared in the front row clapping hands and giving sweaty, sweaty hugs to us  (Bless those boys).
When they returned to the stage, Uffe had yet another trick up his sleeve: In the middle piece of “Played-a-Live”, he decided to thank The Safrizone for 12 years of dedication. From.the.stage.!!
You could literally hear our circuits pop!!
We are extremely honored and feel so privileged to support such an amazing duo, who treats us so kind.

After the show the five of us were ready with presents. Uffe went to escort us backstage, just checking how many concerts we had attended to date. We also thanked him for his greeting from the stage.
Uffe told us, that Morten would be around shortly, he was just attending to some very happy, singing, Safri fans, waiting by the backstage exit. While waiting we had a chat with Andy about his P-Noise Festival, while Winnie went straight for Andreas Kongsted.
Morten came over to receive his birthday present consisting of all the goodies to make his favorite drink: The Mojito! He wanted to dig in right away, and wasn´t sure if he wanted to share it with Uffe. J
We had some pictures taken and were bullied by Uffe because we are not the tallest hobbits in The Shire. (We are totally considering making The Safrizone into The Rodazone instead, should this bullying continue) J and then we said our goodbyes.
What an amazing night……with amazing musicians.
We are almost at an end of the anniversary tour – just one concert left on the 7th of September in Hoersholm. As always it has been a fabulous adventure supporting our favorite duo around our country, meeting a lot of fun people. Seeing places we otherwise wouldn´t have. We still remember our first Safri encounter on the ferry to Samsoe like it was last summer. –And we have a hard time believing TWELVE years have passed since then!! It has been SO unbelievable and totally mind-boggling to meet Uffe and Morten and discover how cool and modest they are.

Hoersholm, the 7th of September 2013
"A bit of light reading...."

This marked the end of a wonderful Summer tour and we found ourselves in Hoersholm accompanied by Nickie´s husband Jacob, carrying Safri surprizes as a thank you to the guys for 12 years of drumfun.

We went for a little detour before taking up positions in the Horsholm front row, because Andy Roda was hosting the Philippine event P-Noise in Copenhagen, so we went to support our Safri vocalist.🙂.

It was a mixture of music, dance, art, food and fairtrade and we were happy to see the huge attendence, knowing the amount of work Andy and his friends had put into the project.

Then we drove to Hoersholm, to take up positions in the front row, where we met up with Sonja, who was out on the town alone, since Winnie had travelled abroad.

The guys were back in black, doing a hell of a job on a fairly small stage. To our luck there was enough room for Morten´s dance, which we have really taken a liking to. Go Morten! 👍
After the show we ended up backstage, where Uffe and Morten unwrapped their 12-year anniversary presents: Two Safrizone coffee mugs, with the Safrizone logo, and the entire On Tour with the Girls Saga, including 12 years of pictures from around Denmark (and Germany).

🙃 Here´s to the next twelve years!!! 🤪

There will be a popquiz later... :-)

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