Uffe Savery will take part in a brand new tv competition show called "Vidunderboern" (Prodigies) on the Danish tv-station DR.
Six children with creative artistic skills compete to win, and Uffe is the mentor of a young percussionist.
The first show kicks off on Saturday the 7th of november at 20.00 on DR1.
You can also watch the show online on dr.dk.


In august 2013, Safri Duo releases their new song "DIMITTO/Let Go", which has been written in collaboration with Danish DJ KATO and Peter Björnskov.

KATO has also done a remix of "Played-a-Live".

At the moment Safri are playing at Groen Concerts around Denmark as guests in the KATO show, where you are able to hear both songs. 


Peter Björnskov

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